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Fighter Scout Mage Priest
Fighter Icon Scout Icon Mage Icon Priest Icon
Master's Rage Sinister Strike Master's Strike Master's Smite
LnL rotate
  • Master's Rage - Fighter - 3 minute buff, high% chance to proc additional magic damage
  • Sinister Strike - Scout - mitigation debuff and damage (backstab/flank attack)
  • Master's Strike - Mage - large damage nuke
  • Master's Smite - Priest - crush/slash/pierce/attack speed debuff, divine damage nuke


Long long ago, in the place far far away called Norrath, adventures every so many levels got a special kind of spell that only affected a certain race. when you got a new one, you could pick between 4 races. these were originally supposed to be tier appropriate mobs, but as the game expanded, and zones were redesigned, races were being fought far before/after the level where you got to pick an attack for that race. also, you could only pick 1 of the 4 races for that level, so you had to choose very carefully, and some tier's selects were more useful then others. and to make matters worse, each of these attacks was a separate icon, taking up a separate hotbar slot each. few people used these attacks because of the poor selections compiled with the hassle of swapping them out based on where you were fighting.


In live update 31 (~Feb 2007), the whole system of racial based attacks was scrapped and redone. In what was largely considered a very welcome move, all these attacks were recoded to work off 1 spell button. It would automatically affect any race it could, and how it picked which races it could, was also a very welcome move. SoE set a new precedent with this change, Dynamic spell targets. The racial attacks were tied into the Lore and Legend Quests. No longer will the attacks be limited to a choice of certain races at certain levels, it was limited only by which L&L quests the player had completed.

In Game Update 53 (~Sept 2009), 2 major changes were made the L&L quests.

  • Any L&L quest can be started by examining any of the dropped components, similar to the way most language quests start.
  • "Creature mastery quests now use a system of progressively increasing luck that eventually guarantees an update."


  • If your guild has a hall, and you have access to the "Creature Conjuror" NPC amenity, if you have the correct Arena pet item, the NPC will let you summon monsters to 'practice' on. These mobs 'WILL trigger L&L quests auto-updates
    • Bonus: these kills also do also count toward slayer titles and achievements.
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