Enchanted Lands Timeline
Recommended Levels 30 to 40
Introduced: Shattered Lands
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Enchanted Lands
Preceded by: Thundering Steppes Timeline

Nektulos Forest Timeline

Followed by: Rivervale Timeline
  • This is a master quest list that excludes any holiday/event related quests.
  • All quests listed here, unless noted, can be started and completed as of June 2018.

Welcome to the Enchanted Lands! Whether you're fresh from The Thundering Steppes or stumbling in from Nektulos Forest, there is plenty more adventure to be had here. This is land of the halflings, who had been the dominant sentient race in these parts until strange demonic invaders began to flood it in the aftermath of The Age of Cataclysms. The halflings need your help in defeating these demonic foes, as well as curbing the villainous intent of The Runnyeye Goblins and the trickery of the Darkflight Fairies. Start your journey from the Lost Village of Bobick and cleanse the Encanted Lands of corruption before making your climb to liberate Rivervale from more of the same threats. Good luck!

NPC QuestsEdit

Leatherfoot Brigade SeriesEdit

Starts with Deputy Nettlebrine at ( 26, -1, 20 ) /waypoint 26.34, -1.06, 19.81

  1. [30] Start of Something Big
  2. [31] Surveyor Says
  3. [32] What's This Thing Do?
  4. [32] Sanity Check
  5. [32] Halt, Who Goes There?
  6. [33] Stolen Jum Jum
  7. [33] I Know Nothing, Nothing!
  8. [33] A Deputy's Dog
  9. [34] Trainer Woes
    • This quest and the following ones in the timeline can be started from here without completing the prerequisites. However, for story purposes, the prerequisites should still be completed.
  10. [34] It's Not the Water
  11. [35] A Thousand Words
  12. [35] Plan the Fundraiser
  13. [35] I Hate Fundraisers
  14. [35] I Hate the Hole in the Wall
  15. [35] I Hate Old Plans
  16. [36] I Hate Those Wimmin

Bumblethorn PatchEdit

Enchanted Lands2

Do you have what it takes to restore the Misty Thicket to it's former beauty?

Starts with Sir Tatters at ( 283, 1, -116 ) /waypoint 283, 1, -116

  1. [30] In Defense of the Flower Patch
  2. [35] The Last Straw
  3. [35] The Moppet Master
  4. [35] A Small Matter of Bristles

Other NPC QuestsEdit

Dropped QuestsEdit

The following can be dropped by any monster in the zone:

The following have specific drop requirements:

Examined QuestsEdit


Apparently no one told demons that staring in impolite.

Bootstrutter QuestsEdit

Book QuestsEdit

Heritage QuestsEdit

Other QuestsEdit

These quests involve the Enchanted Lands, but are not necessarily part of the timeline:

The following Racial History Quests complete in the Enchanted Lands:


The following collections used to be regular book quests, but were changed into tome collection quests. In-game they appear as pages on the ground instead of a shiny:


See: Enchanted Lands Discovery Locations

Named MonstersEdit

See: Enchanted Lands Named Monsters

Removed QuestsEdit

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