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Enchanted Lands Timeline
Recommended Levels 30 to 40
Introduced: Shattered Lands
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Enchanted Lands
Preceded by: Thundering Steppes Timeline

Nektulos Forest Timeline

Followed by: Feerrott Timeline

Steamfont Mountains Timeline

The Enchanted Lands Timeline
1. Start of Something Big
2. Surveyor Says
3. What's This Thing Do?
4. Sanity Check
5. Halt, Who Goes There?
6. Stolen Jum Jum
7. I Know Nothing! Nothing!
8. A Deputy's Dog
9. Trainer Woes
10. It's Not the Water
11. A Thousand Words
12. Plan the Fundraiser
12a. Fundraiser One: Apples Away
12b. Fundraiser Two: Sewing a Sampler
12c. Fundraiser Three: Table for Two
12d. Fundraiser Four: Dagger of Doom
13. I Hate Fundraisers
14. I Hate The Hole in the Wall
15. I Hate Old Plans
16. I Hate Those Wimmin
17. The Houndslayer, Part 1
18. The Houndslayer, Part 2
19. The Houndslayer, Part 3
20. Last of the Tier'Dal, Part 1
21. Last of the Tier'Dal, Part 2
22. Last of the Tier'Dal, Part 3

This timeline covers solo quests for levels 30-40 in Enchanted Lands. Some of these quests may require you to hunt in Rivervale, but they all start in Enchanted Lands.

(Quest journal level in parenthesis)

Leatherfoot Brigade Series[]

Deputy Nettlebrine - at the docks

Deputy Kegie - in a wagon at The Riverwatch near Rivervale

Deputy Huckfar - East of the The Runnyeye Ward
Note: The quest timeline can also be started here without prerequisites.

Deputy Stoutgut - at the The Runnyeye Ward

Leatherfoot Tales - take place in Rivervale, but start with the reward from I Hate Those Wimmin

Heritage Quests[]

  1. Foomby's Stolen Goods (40)

Optional Tradeskill Quests[]

Get these quests from Deputy Hopple after finishing Plan the Fundraiser. You do not need to tradeskill to complete these quests as the required items can be purchased from tradeskillers.

  1. Fundraiser One: Apples Away (33)
  2. Fundraiser Two: Sewing a Sampler (30)
  3. Fundraiser Three: Table for Two (30)
  4. Fundraiser Four: Dagger of Doom (33)

Miscellaneous NPC Quests[]

Sir Tatters - sends the player to Rivervale

  1. In Defense of the Flower Patch (30) - rewards ring
  2. The Last Straw (35) - rewards legendary ring
  3. The Moppet Master (35) - rewards legendary forearms armor
  4. A Small Matter of Bristles (35) - rewards legendary off-hand or 2H weapon

Biddy Bobick

The Curious Augur

Augin Drodo

Sarma Singebellows

Kelbri Mossborn

Captain Gullyshank

Gubbo Chaley

Seher Beanbrewer

Bootstrutter Quests[]

Examined Item Quests[]

Dropped Item Triggered Quests[]

Book Quests[]

Removed Quests[]

These quests used to be regular book quests, but were removed. The books are now obtained through new collection quests.

Removed Quests[]

Chaplain Graveguzzle

Augin Drodo

Examined item quests[]

  • Grenthial's Madness (31)
  • Grenthial's Meeting (31)
  • Grenthial's Plan (32)
  • Grenthials Request (32)

Dropped item quests[]

Technically these quests remain in the game, but the quest starters no longer drop