Complete Strategy

How to take out Emperor Fyst

This strategy assumes you are on one or more of these quests (If you are not, you are missing out on extra XP & loot):


This is a work in progress. The mobs will be killed in the following order

Last assumption, you have cleared the Archers so you do not have to worry about those during the fight.

Clear the mobs on the terrace that are not on Fyst's podium.

There are 2 sets of guards you need to clear on his podium. These should be body pulled to prevent the entire podium, Fyst included, from attacking the group.

Now that everything is cleared, have the tank find a nice wall or column to stand in front of. Fyst has a really mean knockback that can through the tank over the side of the terrace.

I have been on too many groups where the tank goes down the side and no one can find em....Group Wipe follows soon after.

Ensure the Tank's parking spot is accessible to the other groupies.

Pull and Pray!


If the tank does go over the side, just have the group follow.

If you're attacking Fyst when he cons grey, standing on his throne is a good place to avoid his knockback.

Another tactic for Fyst himself (especially if you solo/ only have a mercenary) is to attack him and immediately jump down the terrace, then run to the nearest tower and finish the fight in the basement, as the knockback doesn't matter here.

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