Armor Set: Elucidated Truth

  • (2) +20 INT
  • (3) Applies Arcane Recovery III.
    • Reduces reuse time of hostile spells by 3 percent.
  • (5) +4 Base Spell Damage

This is the TSO Armor Set (Tier 2) for: Sorcerers ( Warlock, Wizard ) that can be obtained via the Void Shard Mission System. These pieces are available for vendor purchase from a mysterious Quellthulian, designated as the <Greater Shard Armor Merchant> in Moors of Ykesha at the Dropship Landing Zone ( 1680, 452, 894 ) /waypoint 1680, 452, 894 Eq2map. They can also be created by crafters.

These pieces are upgrades from the equivalent Tier 1 pieces from the set: Scintillating Energy (Armor Set)

This armor set can be further upgraded to Fabled shard armor set (Tier 3): Fire Weaving (Armor Set)

Shard Costs
Armor Piece Cost
Elucidated Manaweave Gloves
Elucidated Manaweave Hood
Elucidated Manaweave Mantle
Elucidated Manaweave Pantaloons
Elucidated Manaweave Robe
Elucidated Manaweave Slippers

Note that the Void Shard costs in the above table are for vendor purchase. If purchased from a crafter, the Breastplate and the Epaulets cost three shards less, the other four pieces each cost two shards less.

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