A female human wearing Elemental Fascination set

Armor Set: Elemental Fascination Set

This armor may be worn only by: Conjurors.

Drop Locations[edit source]

This armor is dropped as follows:

Slot Pattern Monster Zone
Head Charred Helm Pattern Silverwing Veeshan's Peak
Shoulders Charred Pauldrons Pattern Hoshkar Veeshan's Peak
Chest Charred Chestguard Pattern Trakanon Trakanon's Lair
Forearms Charred Bracers Pattern Xygoz Veeshan's Peak
Hands Charred Gloves Pattern Nexona Veeshan's Peak
Legs Charred Leggings Pattern Phara Dar Veeshan's Peak
Feet Charred Boots Pattern Druushk Veeshan's Peak

Needed items[edit source]

When you have all items needed for each armor piece, meet Avess Ryiss at Danak Shipyard in Jarsath Wastes.

Slot Pattern Stones
Head Charred Helm Pattern Crystallized Phospherous
Shoulders Charred Pauldrons Pattern Lava Ruby
Chest Charred Chestguard Pattern Magma Diamond
Forearms Charred Bracers Pattern Living Ember
Hands Charred Gloves Pattern Dragons Eye
Legs Charred Leggings Pattern Pyre Sapphire
Feet Charred Boots Pattern Inferno Pearl
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