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What is a Dynamic Adventure Camp?

Dynamic Adventure Camps (DACs) can be found throughout the lands of Norrath, especially in the large overland zones. They are usually structured around an object in the world such as the gnoll tents in Antonica, or the orc siege towers in the Commonlands. DACs are dynamic because the same camp can have many different types of events happen at the same camp, and new events can be added by designers into the mix of the other events already in place. An event is decided at the spawning of the entire camp and will stay in place until a group has completed all the stages of the chosen event. Upon successfully completing the chosen event, the entire camp will despawn. Some camps choose to respawn in the same spot, while others have multiple spawn areas to choose from.

Dynamic Adventure Camp completion and rewards

There are many different types of DACs. Each has its own style of completion and reward. Some DACs incorporate all of these into their event choices, some only choose a couple of them, and others have events that are special and unique to that specific camp. Below is an example of one of the common DACs that you are likely to run into.

  • Example: You come across 'a distressed merchant' in your travels through the Commonlands and quickly learn why she is distressed: she is surrounded by orcs. You decide to help her out and begin taking down the groups of orcs that surround her. When they have all fallen, she is very gratified that you went out of your way to help her and she decides to open up her goods for sale to you before she continues her journey back to Freeport.
  • Rewards: Not having to return to town to buy/sell is the main benefit from this type of DAC, as well as finding some items for sale that are not sold anywhere else. Some merchants will buy goods from you at a good price, some will sell general goods, and some will sell rare goods. These merchants now offer repair services.
Source: EQ2 Players
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