Dwarven Work Boots, or DWB as they are commonly called, are the reward from the Heritage Quest These Boots Were Made For.... The quest rewards the type most fitting for your class, but you can exchange what you get for a different type or replace a pair you sold off by buying it from a Shady Swashbuckler XVIII at the docks in Nektulos Forest.

The four versions are:

As with all Heritage Quest items, Dwarven Work Boots can be turned into a trophy that can be placed in your room. In this form, they are called The Legendary Dwarven Work Boots.

Dwarven Work Boots can be upgraded with the Leather Insoles quest starter which are dropped in The Estate of Unrest. This begins the Reinforcing a Relic quest. There are also four different upgraded versions:

further versions

Note: Oddly enough there is no fallen gate server upgrade version for the reinforced dwarven work boots that is known of. It is also unknown if using the upgraded boot versions (lv 90-101) will give newer or older reinforced boots as a reward.

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