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Dust is the by-product of the creation of all Expert Spell Scrolls, Runes, or Combat Art Distillations (and some MASTERCRAFTED FABLED equipment). For each Spell, Rune, or Combat Art made, a crafter receives 2 dusts from a successful combine.

The name of the dust is typically same as the Imbuing Material for that tier. For example, dust produced while making a tier 3 spell is called Sparkling Dust, while dust from the creation of a tier 6 spell is called Lambent Dust. Uniquely, tier 2 dust is called Shimmering Dust as opposed to "Glowing Dust". Flickering Dust is made from tier 1 Expert items.

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Alchemists are the only class that has a use for the dusts. Dusts can be used in the creation of special advanced poisons and potions.

Level 70 Alchemists are also capable of distilling dusts into the next higher tier using the recipes contained in the book Alchemist Distillations, received from the quest A bit of Fire, A bit of Ice.

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Sprite dust

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