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Beginner Adventure Collector5Earn 10 Dungeon Adventurers
Novice Adventure Collector5Earn 20 Dungeon Adventurers
Advanced Adventure Collector5Earn 30 Dungeon Adventurers
Expert Adventure Collector5Earn 40 Dungeon Adventurers
Beginner Dungeoneer5Earn 100 Dungeon Marks
Novice Dungeoneer5Earn 1000 Dungeon Marks
Advanced Dungeoneer5Earn 100000 Dungeon Marks
Dungeon Hall of Famer10Earn Hall of Fame status for one of your dungeons!
Dungeon Hall of Famer II10Earn Hall of Fame status for two of your dungeons!
Dungeon Hall of Famer III10Earn Hall of Fame status for three of your dungeons!
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