The dungeon finder UI may be used to join certain Heroic and Agnostic dungeons from anywhere in Norrath.

Notes Edit

  • You may join from anywhere except inside another instance, house or guild hall.
  • You may select a random dungeon or be specific.
  • Although you may join an Agnostic dungeon from level 10 - 100, the rewards are significantly lowered after level 95.
  • The UI only shows places you can go at your level, and it ignores your ability to chrono to lower levels.
  • Chronomage level alterations can crash the UI / game. (known bug?)
  • You must wait to join a group. It may be faster to just go to the zone entrance if you want to start with fewer people.
Dungeon finder

Dungeon Finder UI showing Heroic and Agnostic dungeon options for level 100 in June 2017

See AlsoEdit

  • Fabled Dungeons -- -- Scroll down to the list of dungeons whose name begins with "The Fabled..." to see the list of updated old dungeons appropriate for higher level players. Many of them include Advanced Solos for casual players.

  • For example, you may have played the Acadechism at lower levels (entrance above Crushbone), and now there is a The_Fabled_Acadechism_(Advanced_Solo) you can also play to receive level 100 rewards. The old zone is still there just as it always was, this is another option.
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