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Druid Rings Event Timeline
Recommended Levels 1 to 90
Introduced: LU56
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: see Starting Zones

Introduced with LU56, a band of builders led by a mysterious young Fae named Kurista have set out to rebuild many of the damaged or destroyed druid rings found throughout Norrath. Similar to the work of the Quellithulian Spires Event Timeline, both adventurers and crafters are needed to build and / or ensure the safety of the druid rings' reconstruction. Only one ring will be rebuilt at a time, starting with the ring found in the far northwest reaches of the Nektulos Forest.

Building SitesEdit

  1. Nektulos Forest, northwest corner ( -30, 90, -2000 ) /waypoint -30, 90, -2000
  2. Enchanted Lands: The Fae Isle
  3. Zek, the Orcish Wastes ( 209, 14, 110 ) /waypoint 209, 14, 110
  4. The Feerrott ( -569, -15, 824 ) /waypoint -569, -15, 824
  5. The Sinking Sands ( -1455, -226, 74 ) /waypoint -1455, -226, 74
  6. Loping Plains' Corrupted Druid Ring ( -414, 27, 434 ) /waypoint -414, 27, 434
  7. Jarsath Wastes, Skyfire Mountains ( -1202, 231, 451 ) /waypoint -1202, 231, 451
  8. The Stonebrunt Highlands, near the Deepwater Pavilion ( -332, 176, -518 ) /waypoint -332, 176, -518

The QuestsEdit

Three different quests are available in each zone. While the rings are being rebuilt, the quests are only available at the active construction site. Once all the rings have been rebuilt, the quests will be available at all the druid rings from the guard until GU57.

Chosen Foes (Drakota)Eldritch Stonecraft (Crafting)Motes of Growth (Magiliths)
Chosen Foes: Nektulos ForestEldritch Stonecraft: Nektulos ForestMotes of Growth: Nektulos Forest
Chosen Foes: the Enchanted LandsEldritch Stonecraft: the Enchanted LandsMotes of Growth: the Enchanted Lands
Chosen Foes: Zek, the Orcish WastesEldritch Stonecraft: Zek, the Orcish WastesMotes of Growth: Zek, the Orcish Wastes
Chosen Foes: the FeerrottEldritch Stonecraft: the FeerrottMotes of Growth: the Feerrott
Chosen Foes: the Sinking SandsEldritch Stonecraft: the Sinking SandsMotes of Growth: the Sinking Sands
Chosen Foes: the Loping PlainsEldritch Stonecraft: the Loping PlainsMotes of Growth: the Loping Plains
Chosen Foes: Jarsath WastesEldritch Stonecraft: Jarsath WastesMotes of Growth: Jarsath Wastes
Chosen Foes: the Stonebrunt HighlandsEldritch Stonecraft: the Stonebrunt HighlandsMotes of Growth: the Stonebrunt Highlands

Once all the rings have been finished, seek out Kurista in The Stonebrunt Highlands to learn more about her calling to rebuild the Rings. After you've completed any ten quests listed above (including repeats, more than likely), you can receive Path of the Prophet from Kurista.

The RewardsEdit

There are several never-before-seen rewards (as well as common special-event rewards) available for purchase using the Florets of Growth that you receive from completing the quests. Items can be purchased from the Tunarian Supply Officer at each druid ring. Unlike the other NPCs, the Supply Officer will stay behind at each location, allowing players to return to previous locations for zone-specific rewards. (In chief example: the druid ring replica house item is slightly different and based on the druid ring's zone it is purchased at.)

New Rewards with this EventEdit

a blessed sapling50 FloretsCan be harvested once a day for a special fruit
a blessed shrubbery16 Florets
A black granite druid ring16 FloretsOnly available in Nektulos Forest
A white granite druid ring16 FloretsOnly available in Enchanted Lands
A sandstone druid ring16 FloretsOnly available in Zek, the Orcish Wastes
A verdant druid ring16 FloretsOnly available in The Feerrott
A gray granite druid ring16 FloretsOnly available in Loping Plains
A dark verdant druid ring16 FloretsOnly available in The Stonebrunt Highlands
Female Topiaric Mannequin20 FloretsA female mannequin covered in plant life
Jewel of Growth7 Florets
Jewel of the Balance7 Florets
Male Topiaric Mannequin20 FloretsA male mannequin covered in plant life
Wayfarer's Boots27 Florets10 Out-of-Combat Run Speed while worn
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