When the game first launched only druid classes could use this mode of travel. With LU56, this limitation changed and now any player can use them. Druids still retain the ability to summon a portal.

The look of a typical Druid Ring. Shown above: Greater Faydark.

How to Use Druid Rings[edit | edit source]

Any player can use the druid rings within Norrath. They are generally located deeper within zones (away from docks) than other modes of travel, like the Globe of Swift Travel.

Using them is now quite simple. Locate a druid ring and click on the bush in the middle. Doing so will open a map and you can select a location to travel to in the druid ring network.

  • It is no longer necessary to travel from one druid ring to another to click on the bush and add it to your access. All locations are available for travel even at level 1.
  • In addition to the druid rings within many zones, an Druid Portal Hireling can be purchased and added to Guild Halls for travel to any location accessible by the normal druid rings.

Druid Ring Travel Locations[edit | edit source]

The accessible travel locations for Druid Rings (as of 2014)

Original Locations:

Due to the Rebuilding the Druid Rings event, all of the following druid rings have been restored:

In later expansions, more Druid Rings were added in new zones:

Lore[edit | edit source]

With the return of Tunare, Her Druids have rediscovered the secret of travel to Her sacred stone rings. The problem was never in their training of the prayers of transportation, but in the rings themselves! The High Priestess has brought the Mother's teachings back and with it the ritual to re-consecrate the stone rings.

With the return of Tunare, 9 of the many long-neglected stones became active as they were discovered. (These are listed above as Original Locations.)

Druid Class Abilities[edit | edit source]

Druid player classes (Fury and Warden) may purchase the spell Circle of Growth from an NPC vendor. The Circle of Growth spell creates a temporary floating portal, allowing the caster and any other nearby players to activate the destination map. The spell may be purchased from a limited set of NPCs, all of whom have the tag "Portals Trainer", specifically:

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