Drinal's Steward

Drinal's Steward

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Quest
Race Humanoid
Zone The Eidolon Jungle (Chains of Eternity)
Location In the Lightshadow Contingent ( -84, 14, 172 ) /waypoint -84, 13.7, 172


After completing the Shades of Drinal Timeline he will become a merchant in the village of Cardin Ward near the Banker and Broker in Obol Plains. He sells heroic-level equipment for a combination of platinum and currency acquired from killing creatures in any of the zones in Chains of Eternity. The common currency Obol and the rare essences (Essence of Tempest of Zek, Essence of Prime Magnate Mrelg, Essence of Krelgrek Crag-Chair, Essence of Illustor Prime, Essence of Baelon, Essence of Venekor, Essence of The Forgotten Statue, Essence of Spirit of the Deep, Corrupted Essence of Drinal) and Greater Spirit will only drop once you've completed the Shades of Drinal Timeline.

The equipment has at least 180 stats and typically comes with a yellow adornment - no red adornments on any of the items.

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