Dragons Attack
See the 15th Anniversary Event page for general information about this live event.
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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Mission
Journal Level level needed!
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start attack the dragon while the pq is active
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Starting the QuestEdit

Dragons are attacking the spires in the Thundering Steppes, Everfrost, Loping Plains and Nektulos Forest! Help defend the spires and build faction with the Quellthulian Portal Scholars found in Antonica and The Commonlands, while constructing permanent, impressive statues commemorating the 15 years that have passed since the Age of Destiny was ushered in! This event runs 11/07/2019 2:00am PST through 12/06/2019 1:59am PST.


  • For this event there are two merchants that sell the same items, Ziyuh Farijinyi ((South of The Commonlands dock ( -1062, -66, -487 )) and Fiami Ken'thia ((East of the Tomb of Varsoon ( -138, -21, -662 )).
  • There is no special currency for this event, however, all of the merchandise requires a certain amount of faction with the Quellithian Portal Scholars.

Public QuestsEdit

All public quests are announced via the zone 10 minutes prior to the dragon spawning. Beware though, the dragons are Epic x3 and have extreme knock-backs. Watch for emotes in the chat tab and plan accordingly.

  • Toxyca Vile
    • Loping Plains Reconstructed Ulteran Spire portal ( 124, 43, -305 ) /waypoint 123.68, 42.70, -305.16
  • Graw Maul
  • Fayren Icefang
    • Everfrost Ulteran Spire portal ( 461, -34, -1411 ) /waypoint 461.18, -34.13, -1411.19
  • Arcanax
    • Nektulos Forest Ulteran Spire portal ( -300, 0, -629 ) /waypoint -299.84, 0.16, -628.93


  • Quellithian Portal Scholar faction points
  • Random pieces of Mercenary Gear (Armor & Accolades)
  • Celestial Infusers (standard/heroic/ancient)
  • Class Spell scrolls (Adept) (Master)
  • Ascension Illegible Page/Scrolls (Adept) (Master) (Grandmaster?) (Ancient?)
  • Mount Gear Dragonhide(Legendary), Dragonscale(Fabled), Dragonsoul(Mythic)

Tradeskill QuestsEdit

This event introduced an area in The Commonlands and Antonica where monuments are being built. To help with the monuments progress you can speak with Efiusia in Antonica at ( -136, -22, -673 ) /waypoint -136.40, -21.57, -673.06 or Banyun in The Commonlands at ( -1064, -66, -495 ) /waypoint -1063.97, -66.29, -494.89


Handing in all three different items will give full amount of possible progress toward the monument. Spamming 1 item turn ins doesn't give much progress and is better to do full 3 items on turn in for max contribution.


  • Note: not sure if tier 4 & 5 exist or if it ends at tier 3

Tier 1: Meta-magical Mount Gear

Tier 2: Spire-Forged Mount Gear

Tier 3: ??? Mount Gear

Tier 4: ??? Mount Gear

Tier 5: ??? Mount Gear


Defend the Spires! - By killing the dragons in all four locations, this achievement rewards the user with a dragon mount illusion. The mount has the appearance similar to Darathar.


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