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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Heritage  (AA)
Journal Level 70 (Tier 8)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Tenebrous Tangle more
How to Start Speak to Sinephobis at the very back of the temples on the Fear Tainted Isle in Tenebrous Tangle. ( -104, 265, 871 ) Copy
part of: Heritage Quests Timeline
Preceded by:
The Symbol in the Flesh
Followed by:
A Thorn of Old
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In order to start the quest you must be able to speak Thulian.

You must be Level 60 to get this quest.

Starting the Quest[]

This quest starts by speaking to Sinephobis at the very back of the temples on the Fear Tainted Isle in Tenebrous Tangle (take the cloud transport station found at the upper West side of the Temple Grounds island in Tenebrous Tangle - on the way to the Sanctum of the Scaleborn). When speaking to him, be subservient and give proper respect to the Priest of Fear. Do not try to bribe him.

  • To save time, pick up a (1) scintillating incense prior to starting the quest.


  1. Harvest five dragon bone parts in The Bonemire which can only be seen if you are on this step of the quest. They spawn somewhere in the area of these locations and have a short (1-3 minute) respawn timer. A Gnomish Divining Rod can be used to save time in finding the nodes for this step (a pile of dragon bones). You can also use the tracker for harvestable items if you are over 90 in tradeskill and got it from tradeskill prestige AA.
    A pile of dragon bones.jpg
    • Dragon Bone Wings - Shattered Weir-747, -439, 392 ) Copy, ( -624, -450, 415 ) Copy, ( -738, -450, 349 ) Copy, ( -757, -439, 388 ) Copy
    • Dragon Limbs - Drednever Crash Site192, 62, 799 ) Copy, ( 333, 59, 764 ) Copy, ( 180, 63, 785 ) Copy, ( 334, 54, 706 ) Copy
    • Dragon Skull - Isle of the Ravasect947, -106, 171 ) Copy, ( 855, -110, 187 ) Copy, ( 883, -103, 156 ) Copy, ( 918, -118, 284 ) Copy,(847,-113,289), ( 959, -111, 332 ) Copy
    • Dragon Bone Tail - Cacotoxic Stain411, 198, -618 ) Copy, ( 424, 198, -637 ) Copy, ( 418, 199, -491 ) Copy, ( 360, 200, -552 ) Copy
    • Dragon Ribs - Halls of Fate (Island), western-most isle (The Remnants of Xoch) ( 239, -355, 11 ) Copy , ( 239, -355, -27 ) Copy
  2. Return to Sinephobis and he will give you a recipe. He asks you to gather a few uncommon T7 harvests from any T7 zone (including Loping Plains). You can harvest them or buy them off the broker. If you already have the items, you can place them in a harvest depot or sales display and remove them for the update. You can also have someone give you the items or have them traded back to you. The items you need are:
    • blue-silver sheet from ore nodes (Kingdom of Sky zones: "firmament stone;" Loping Plains: "protruding vein")
    • perfect osseous lumber from wood nodes (Kingdom of Sky zones: "twisted wood" - found in Tenebrous Breeding Grounds; Loping Plains: "slate lumber")
    • perfectly cut purple geode also from ore nodes (Kingdom of Sky zones: "firmament stone;" Loping Plains: "protruding vein")
    • strip of supple leather from animal den nodes (Kingdom of Sky zones: "tangled nest"; Loping Plains: "beast den")
  3. Using the recipe you received you must craft an ornate phylactery in the forge in the Sanctum of the Scaleborn.
    • The forge is found at ( -116, 65, -34 ) Copy which is just East of the Hall of Rites.
    • The recipe can be scribed by any level but the item is level 60 geocraft.
    • You must create a "pristine" item or you will fail and your uncommon components will be lost.
    • The recipe requires one scintillating incense, a T7 fuel. So bring some with you.
    • You can use the Commission System for this step. If you use the Commission System for this be sure the person you are commissioning for uses their Instructions otherwise it will take your instructions.
  4. Return to Sinephobis. He will send you to steal the soul of Do'ellin the Young
    • Do'ellin the Young is a (quite underconned) 67^^^ dragon with an AOE knockback who spawns up on the rock in the middle of the pool at the bottom of the waterfall ( 686, -166, 261 ) Copy on the Isle of the Ravasect in The Bonemire.
      • Put your an ornate phylactery in a hotbar out of the way.
      • Start the fight from the waterfall side and/or in the pool, lest his knockback throw you right off the island.
      • When Do'ellin gets down to about 10% health, he will break the encounter and appear as an NPC, Do'ellin with '<Subdued>' under his name. High-levels should mentor to 65, lest Do'ellin gets stuck at 1%.
      • Target the subdued Do'ellin and use the an ornate phylactery to steal his soul.
      • For multiple group members needing his soul, be quick, as <Subdued> will despawn in less than 60 seconds (he'll emote "If this is the way is has to be..." just before depop).
      • If you accidentally aggro the Subdued version, or he is up when you get there, you will need to kill him to get Do'ellin the Young to spawn again. Can respawn in about 15 minutes.
  5. Return to Sinephobis. He will hand you three rods and give you six minutes to place them around the islands in the zone.
    • Place one on Fear Tainted Isle, Bixie Isle and Gazer Isle. This can be done in any order.
    • You will need to find "a spot on the isle, away from any mobs, to use the rod". Near the cloud station on each isle works nicely, though the Fear-Tainted Isle rod can also be placed right next to Sinephobis.
    • Suggested order: place a rod by Sinephobis, then go to the Fear-Tainted Isle cloud station and take the cloud to Gazer Isle. Place a rod by the station there, then cloud to Bixie Isle via Ravasect Incursion Point. Place the last rod by the Bixie Isle station and you're done.
      • In the past there appears to've been an issue with placing the rods. If this arises try the Discussion Page Placing the Rods for further suggestions.
  6. After you place all three rods, return to Sinephobis. He will summon Spirit of Do'ellin, a 70^^^ ghost dragon for you to kill.
    • This will start a ring event animation: Spirit of Do'ellin vs multiple a priest of fear. After Do'ellin kills all the priests you get to kill him for the update. Do not attack Do'ellin before the event has finished -- if you kill him prematurely you will have to wait 30 minutes for respawn.
    • The ghost dragon is considered a massive undercon with a nasty AOE knockback. Get yourself positioned into a corner, where the temple stones and the mountain wall meet together just behind the dragon.
  7. Speak to Sinephobis for your reward.


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