Dozekar the Cursed

Dozekar the Cursed (Heroic)

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Skyshrine: The Underdepths (LU63)
Race Dragon
Level 100▲▲▲ Tier 11 Epic x2 , (Approx. HP: 100.000.000)
Location Temple of the Wurm Mother
Reported Drops none reported, try LootDB.
AA Exp yes
Status Points yes

What does this information mean?


tank and spank fight
FYI: You must have A Vial of Time Distilled Protoplasm which was dropped from the two previous named in order to kill this named if you have heroic/em raid gear. If you are HM raid geared and a complete beast (you know who you are) you can kill this encounter without it.

  • Set up the group near the ramp where you came in, but make sure that you are close to a wall so that you can't be knocked back over the ledge.
  • Select someone in your group who has Ancient Skyshrine Control Wand in their inventory (I would choose either a bard or chanter). They will not be controlling their character for the entire fight. Instead they will have a much more important role. This person will now be referred to as Wand Person.
  • When everyone is ready have the Wand Person engage the named from max range and then run back to the group. When they get to the group they should immediately start spam clicking the wand. If the named is in range it will change the Wand Person's view into a robot that they will control for the next 90 seconds.
  • As the Robot, they need to engage the named and pull him to the far side of the room away from the group. Use the combat arts on the hot bar, but don't use the AOE taunt.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the rest of the fight.
  • At 90% health you will have a chance to activate hardmode if you desire. At 80% there will be a group of 3 linked adds that will join the fight and rush the group. These adds will continue to spawn in waves the rest of the fight.
  • Have the group kill the adds off.


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