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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Chaos Descending
Level Range 118
Zone in from Myrist, the Great Library
Entrance is at

( 727, 412, -337 ) /waypoint 727, 412, -337

Parent Zone None
Difficulty Raid x4
Persistence 90 minutes - 3 days
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

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  1. 1st Boss is Magmatron and is auto spawned. Requires killing all spider trash to despawn portals to reach him.
    • Does a emote about dropping a firewall so you have to drag him around after he emotes dropping a firewall. Easiest way to flawless this is to drag him along the edge in a straight line then turn him around to make a giant 0 shape if needed.
  2. 2nd is Arch Mage Yonzaii located inside the tower on right side upper ledge and is spawned by defeating Magmatron.
    • Has a curse you have to cure with the brittle magma gems gotten from zone trash and adds he spawns. Randomly spawns adds you have to kill to remove his damage reduction.
  3. 3rd is Jopal located by where entrance on left of spawn in is and is spawned by defeating Arch Mage require cat totem to see him.
    • Healers cure their own curse, if you get the (+) reticle on screen joust away from raid 25m til its gone, stay behind the named and dps.
  4. 4th is Pyronis located inside a tower on right side of entrance and is spawned by defeating Jopal.
    • Dps and joust 40m form him when he expands return back in after he explodes.
  5. 5th is General Reparm located upper ledge across from spiral tower to get to arch mage and is spawned by defeating All T1.
    • Everyone run to where he is and stay there until the circles spawn then joust back 30m and just dps em down no more worries over circles.
  6. 6th is Jarvonn located where final named in doomfire rage heroic spawns and is spawned by defeating Reparm.
    • All stay behind him use lockpicks on grate when hes near 10% hp he falls in lava.
  7. 7th is The Councilors located across bridge where Pyronis was up the hill and is spawned by defeating jarvonn.
    • Keep each named 40m apart from each other as the heal when they hit 50% by a set % base don their distance apart, whoever is furthest from raid is cursed have them run to the opposite named to get cured rest is dps.


[Textual description of how to work through this zone].

The portal to exit the zone is located at ( ?0? ) 

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