These are the fabled armor drops from Destiny of Velious raid instances. At this time, there are two tiers of raid armor. One set drops from the normal versions of the raid zones, the other drops from the challenge version. The same applies to the sets dropped in x4 raid zones accessed from The Fortress of Drunder but not for the x2 raid instance Citadel of V'uul (as it has no challenge mode).

Raid bosses drop items for the class archetype, from which subclass-specific armor pieces are obtained.

Drops by TierEdit

Armor sets by SubclassEdit

SubclassTierArmor Set
AssassinDrunder x2Darkblade's Citadel (Armor Set)
DoV EasyDarkblade's Slaughtering (Armor Set)
Drunder EasyDarkblade's Sublime (Armor Set)
DoV Hard Darkblade's Massacring (Armor Set)
Drunder HardDarkblade's Elysian (Armor Set)
BeastlordDrunder x2Animist's Citadel (Armor Set)
DoV EasyAnimist's Slaughtering (Armor Set)
Drunder EasyAnimist's Sublime (Armor Set)
DoV HardAnimist's Massacring (Armor Set)
Drunder HardAnimist's Elysian (Armor Set)
BrigandDrunder x2Thug's Citadel (Armor Set)
DoV EasyThug's Slaughtering (Armor Set)
Drunder EasyThug's Sublime (Armor Set)
DoV HardThug's Massacring (Armor Set)
Drunder HardThug's Elysian (Armor Set)
DirgeDrunder x2Maestro's Citadel (Armor Set)
DoV EasyMaestro's Slaughtering (Armor Set)
Drunder EasyMaestro's Sublime (Armor Set)
DoV HardMaestro's Massacring (Armor Set)
Drunder HardMaestro's Elysian (Armor Set)
RangerDrunder x2Forest Stalker's Citadel (Armor Set)
DoV EasyForest Stalker's Slaughtering (Armor Set)
Drunder EasyForest Stalker's Sublime (Armor Set)
DoV HardForest Stalker's Massacring (Armor Set)
Drunder HardForest Stalker's Elysian (Armor Set)
SwashbucklerDrunder x2Gambler's Citadel (Armor Set)
DoV EasyGambler's Exterminating (Armor Set)
Drunder EasyGambler's Sublime (Armor Set)
DoV HardGambler's Massacring (Armor Set)
Drunder HardGambler's Elysian (Armor Set)
TroubadorDrunder x2Virtuoso's Citadel (Armor Set)
DoV EasyVirtuoso's Slaughtering (Armor Set)
Drunder EasyVirtuoso's Sublime (Armor Set)
DoV HardVirtuoso's Massacring (Armor Set)
Drunder HardVirtuoso's Elysian (Armor Set)

Jewelry sets by ArchetypeEdit

ArchetypeTierEar SetFinger SetWrist Set
FighterEMVanguard's Frozen Aura (Armor Set)Defender's Frozen Aura (Armor Set)Myrmidon's Frozen Aura (Armor Set)
HMVanguard's Aura of Rage (Armor Set)Defender's Aura of Rage (Armor Set)Myrmidon's Aura of Rage (Armor Set)
ScoutEMStalker's Aura of Frost (Armor Set)Predator's Aura of Frost (Armor Set)Rogue's Aura of Frost (Armor Set)
HMStalker's Aura of Death (Armor Set)Predator's Aura of Death (Armor Set)Rogue's Aura of Death (Armor Set)
PriestEMPriest's Aura of Frost (Armor Set)Forestwalker's Aura of Frost (Armor Set)Spiritwalker's Aura of Frost (Armor Set)
HMPriest's Aura of Rage (Armor Set)Forestwalker's Aura of Rage (Armor Set)Spiritwalker's Aura of Rage (Armor Set)
MageEMSpellsinger's Aura of Frost (Armor Set)Convoker's Aura of Frost (Armor Set)Warmage's Aura of Frost (Armor Set)
HMSpellsinger's Aura of Death (Armor Set)Convoker's Aura of Death (Armor Set)Warmage's Aura of Death (Armor Set)

NOTE: As of LU[information needed] , HM jewelry sets have been merged as follows:
(However, stats on the items themselves still makes them most suitable for the archetype of the original set.)

ArchetypeTierEar SetFinger SetWrist Set
Fighter/ScoutHMAdversary's Aura of Death (Armor Set)Attacker's Aura of Death (Armor Set)Combatant's Aura of Death (Armor Set)
Mage/PriestHMDiabolist's Aura of Death (Armor Set)Convoker's Aura of Death (Armor Set)Warcaster's Aura of Death (Armor Set)
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