This is a user written guide on the Swimming skill
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Underwater can be fun, but you can't stay down there forever!

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Don't let your breath get too low!

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Options window; changing 'Home' and 'End'.

Hasn't it been haunting you? There's a whole secondary realm right below you, deep down below the surface of the water. Of course, there are a few quests that require you to dive down - and it's really really easy!

First, you need to know how to get under water and straight back up the quickest way possible when you run out of breath,. Here's how you do it:

  • Search your keyboard for the 'End' key. This key will send you below the water's surface. Holding this down determines how far you do go down.
  • Now look above the 'End' key. You should (hopefully) see the 'Home' key. This will raise you up to water level but keep in mind that you must hold this down until your breath bar disappears to ensure you are above the surface of the water.
  • Note: You can also dive by right clicking, holding, and moving your mouse downwards.

Movement underwater. Isn't it fascinating staring at the murky grey underwater? Hell no. Movement underwater is similar to movement above ground, just with out gravity:

  • Forward, back, turn left and turn right are exactly the same as above ground movement (arrows or letters or whatever alternative).
  • To change your level or height in the water, right click on your mouse, as you would use to change view above ground (or alternative). Depending on where your view is aimed, determines which direction your character will move when swimming forwards.

Last little tip: Don't forget you can't survive under there forever! The 'Home' key gives a faster rise than forwarding upwards.

The 'Home' and 'End' keys can be changed in your Options.