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LU44 World Event removed in LU45

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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category World Event
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start See Starting the Quest below
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Starting the QuestEdit

Every good-aligned city and many villages in game have a "worried" resident who starts this quest:


  1. Offer your services to Priest Aaronolis Swornlove near Jysolin's Pub in the city of Kelethin, in Greater Faydark ( 238, 110, 348 ) /waypoint 238, 110, 348, use Granite Hills acorn lift.
  2. Aaronolis asks you to attempt to calm Isabell D'Ravius, who has been starting fights in Joleena's Restaurant in Kelethin ( 536, 71, 318 ) /waypoint 536, 71, 318.
    • When you enter Isabell D'Ravius will spawn and attack you. You must kill her.
      • Note: If you hear fighting inside the restaurant (ie. another person/group already fighting her), wait outside until the combatants exit, otherwise it seems to bug the encounter and she will not spawn for you.
  3. Return to Aaronolis and report your findings. Isabell's suspicious comments point towards the involvement of Innoruuk, so you must find where his followers are hiding in Greater Faydark.
  4. Travel to the The Combine Spires and find the altar of Innoruuk. (The altar is located near the lower leg of the spire, where all the spiders are.) Nearby is a suspicious gem ( -505, 45, 272 ) /waypoint -505, 45, 272. Collect the gem and return to Aaronolis.
  5. The priest sends you to seek out Farra Marthen, a Sister of Peace just past Silver Leaf Inn ( 324, 92, 335 ) /waypoint 324, 92, 335, to see if a follower of Quellious the Tranquil can quench the hate in the stone.
  6. Farra gives you a Blessed Crate of Tranquility. You must collect 12 malefic quartz and place them in this crate to neutralize its emanations of hatred. These appear as small heaps of dirt randomly located on the forest floor. The talk page lists confirmed locations with waypoints, but in general, they appear:
  7. Return to Aaronolis.


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