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  • You will need to speak Uruvanian for the step with the Djinn. Most players recommend that you complete the quest Words of Air before going in the Palace to avoid running out of Djinn monsters and having to wait for their very slow repop.
  • You will need to have finished the Poet's Palace access quest, Be Careful What You Wish For, or be grouped with someone who has.
  • You must speak Di'Zokian
  • You need 140 gathering skill

Heroic version[]

  1. The Everlasting Quill of Ashe Boderra
  2. The Flute of a Thousand Colors
  3. Sing a Song of Sorrow

Raid version[]

  1. Restoration of the Lamentation

Epic Conversion[]

  1. Epic Conversion Timeline
Eq2flameslogo.jpg The authors wish to credit EQ2 Flames for some of the information in this article.

This timeline details the quests for the fabled and mythical versions of a class's Epic Weapon.

You must be at least Level 80 in order to start/complete this quest line. The Fabled version of the epic requires only completing content of heroic difficulty at maximum, while the Mythical version requires completing several Epic encounters, culminating in one inside Veeshan's Peak.