The tour preview, looking down into the pocket from two angles.

Housing Type: Prestige Housing
Obtained: Looted from Legends of Norrath, Fall of Esterim card packs
Available Locations:
Quantity Limit: one per character
House Style/Theme: large, mystical and barren
Mount Use Within: flying and ground mounts allowed

General Prestige Home InfoEdit

Like all Prestige homes:

  • You must get a deed first and then travel to the location and "buy" it for zero coin.
  • It has no recurring upkeep ("rent") of any kind.
  • You can get a portal to place in other homes or (if you have access) your guild hall. The portal allows quick travel between each location.
  • You can travel to it quickly if you already own it; press C to open the character sheet, click the Housing tab, locate the house on the list and click the Enter button.
You can easily tour any Marketplace house by doing the following:
  1. Click on the EQ2 button in the bottom left corner of your screen
  2. Chose Housing & Leaderboards from the list
  3. Click on the Buy Houses tab
  4. Locate the house you want to look at on the list and you can click the Tour button to see an empty version.

About This HouseEdit

Dimensional Pocket is a replica of The Palace of Ferzhul. It looks like a setting in outer space or a similar realm. Swirling with deep reds and magenta the sky stands in sharp contrast to the cool grays of the tile and bricks of the finished tower inside this house. Though you can not build inside the tower, four large court areas make up the normal, building space.

Using a bag of teleportation pads you can break out of the normal limits of this home. See the Housing Breakout Guide for details.

Item CountEdit

Item counts have change once already and can change again at any time.


  • You can not buy this house from the Marketplace, because it is random loot from Legends of Norrath (LoN).
  • Players with All Access accounts get five free LoN card packs per month (as of 2016).
  • Even though you can not buy it outright, this house can e toured by visiting general portal locations in Freeport and Qeynos (locs given above)