Devout Plate refers to plate armor sets between tiers 2 and 9 intended to be worn by Clerics (plate healers) - i.e. armor pieces grant WIS stats instead of STR like plate armor for tank types does.

There are no tier 1 or tier 2 Devout Plate armor sets, and post tier 9, the organization of armor sets changes.

Tier Handcrafted Mastercrafted
3Devout Carbonite (Armor Set)Devout Steel (Armor Set)
4Devout Feyiron (Armor Set)Devout Faysteel (Armor Set)
5Fulginate Devout (Armor Set)Ebon Devout (Armor Set)
6Indium Devout (Armor Set)Cobalt Devout (Armor Set)
7Adamantine Devout (Armor Set)Xegonite Devout (Armor Set)
8Ferrite Devout (Armor Set)Incarndine Devout (Armor Set)
9Titanium Devout (Armor Set)Brellium Devout (Armor Set)
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