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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Kingdom of Sky Den
Level Range 67-70
Zone in from The Bonemire
Entrance is at

Inside Hive Vornerus82, 93, 895 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI at the Drednever Crash Site in The Bonemire.

Parent Zone None
Difficulty Group
Persistence 90 mins - 3 Days
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?

This instance is located inside the large hive in the southern part of the island where the Drednever Crash Site is found. Enter the hive at ( 72, 101, 962 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI, then follow the ramp up to a central area where the path splits. Keep to the left to reach the zone entrance.

Notes[edit | edit source]

To complete this dungeon, you will need to kill the bosses in this order:

  • Svacklan (69^^) ( -180, -19, 24 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI is found in the Hall of Guardians and spawned by starting a ring event. The first wave is four Vornerous High Guards (68^), second wave is four Vornerous Honorguards (68^^) and the third wave is Svacklan with two Vornerous Honorguards (69^^)
  • Deepguardian Kvaklin (69^^) ( -304, -36, 48 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI is spawned by starting a ring event. From the Hall of Guardians, follow the north passage to The Hatching Chamber. There are four Vornerous hive guardians in each corner of the room. Clear the room four times, and then Kvaklin and two more guardians will spawn.
  • Spirit of Water (67^^) ( -159, -4, 212 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI with four water elementals (67) spawns after killing Deepguardian Kvaklin. Take the south passage from the Hall of Guardians to The Waterfall Room. Note that if you range pull the Spirit of Water, you will be attacked by the ravasect which patrol around the pool.
  • The Devourer (69^^^) ( -315, 2, 211 ) Copy is found in the Queen's Hive east of the Waterfall Room. There are two Queen's Guard (69^^) linked to her, and there are ravasect hatchlings which spawn from eggs in the center of the room. You can have someone destroy the eggs right before engaging her if the additional hatchlings make the fight difficult for the group.

Except for the bosses listed above, all of the ravasect in this instance will respawn. If you die and revive at the entrance, expect that you will need to fight to get back to where you were. The ravasect are highly social and can see through invisibility.

This dungeon is part of the Claymore Timeline and the quest The Bowels of Bonemire. If you are entering the dungeon for this quest, make sure you have the ability to see invisibility, either as a spell or using an item such as Vision Totem of the Owl or a Tinkered Vision Enhancer. If you follow the above order for killing the bosses in the dungeon, you will also find the Tomes of Kildrukaun in the same areas.

Important: If you are on the The Bowels of Bonemire quest, make sure you kill the Tome of Kildrukaun Volume X before you kill The Devourer. Otherwise you will need to reset the instance and run it again because killing her is the next step in the quest after killing the tomes.

If you are on the chronomage mission Path of the Past - Den of the Devourer, you should set your level no higher than 75. The Devourer is level 69.

There are two additional bosses inside Hive Vornerus you can find on the way to the entrance to this dungeon:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Before it was taken over by the ravasect, the Den of the Devourer was known as the Halls of Drukaunis. The Crystal of Drukanis, which drops from The Devourer, is what you need to read the Tomes of Kildrukaun as part of the search for the Qeynos Claymore.

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