Blessing Information

Deck of the King's Court

Deck of the King's Court

Category (Target)Summon (Self)
Favor Cost *1250
Unlock QuestMust have completed the Quest "Bristlebane's Beloved"
 Casting Time  2.5 seconds
 Recast time  1 hr
 Duration  10 minutes

What does this information mean?
* Favor Cost is the base cost at a Humble Altar

Deck of the King's Court

Card NameSummary of Effects
King of the CourtIncrease In-Combat Health and Power Regeneration by 100 for 10 minutes
Queen of the Court20% Max HP/Power.
Prince of the CourtIncreases STA/STR/AGI/INT/WIS by 70 for 10-minutes.
The Jester25% decreased hate-gain for 10 minutes.
The MogulIncrease Combat XP Gain by 100% for 10 minutes
The PauperGives 7-10 silver per kill for 10 minutes
The AceResurrects target with 25% health and power

These cards stay in your inventory until used, so its posible to keep the card from the second charge in your inventory after purchasing a new blessing (of any type). You cannot summon a new card without first using/destroying any previously summoned however.

  • \aITEM 38770502 1980886312:King of the Court\/a
  • \aITEM 994774282 214929446:Queen of the Court\/a
  • \aITEM 1466373733 -318369286:Prince of the Court\/a
  • \aITEM -596193514 1868928127:The Jester\/a
  • \aITEM 112682849 1939218585:The Mogul\/a
  • \aITEM -1445347541 449504322:The Pauper\/a
  • \aITEM 1118763120 -1575060139:The Ace\/a
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