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Server Deathtoll Created July 21st, 2015
Lang Server en Type Server PVP

Deathtoll was a time-locked expansion (TLE) Player vs. Player (PvP) server. The time-locked expansion servers were introduced in the summer of 2015 to provide players with a fresh start and slow progression through the game's content. On April 5, 2016, the server was merged in the Stormhold (Server), removing the last PvP server from the game.

For full details about Time-locked servers and how they differ from normal servers, see the Server Types page.

About Time-Locked ServersEdit

  • Time-locked servers differ from all other servers in that players get to choose when content from the expansions unlocks by a vote. As of the launch of these servers, the vote is held in-game in the form of a mailed poll.
Due to this difference, it is highly likely that TLE servers may not have the same quests, the same rules for some gameplay aspects like mounts, for world travel and more as other servers as described by this wiki.
  • The time-locked servers are only accessible to players with a All Access membership.
  • These are not pure legacy servers with all old rulesets in place; rather they offer an experience similar to "vanilla" EQ2. For example there are no "corpse runs" and no crafting subcomponents. Instead, there are no features like Battlegrounds, no veterans bonuses, and mounts have the old speed limitations. The intent is to offer a slow progression through old content for those who have a nostalgia about older content and zone or those who missed it the first time that want to experience it as it is released to the whole server.
  • While the Veteran's Rewards accessed with /claim are not included on the TLE servers, the Marketplace is a part of these servers.


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The info on this page was adapted from two official Daybreak announcements:

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