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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature  (AA)
Journal Level 101 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Cobalt Scar more
How to Start Speak to Jorlak at Scarstone in Cobalt Scar. ( 4297, -821, 397 ) /waypoint 4297, -821, 397
part of: Darkness Ascending Signature Timeline
Preceded by:
Darkness Ascending: Small Council of the Tear
Followed by:

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Steps Edit

  1. Click on the Tear of Veeshan inside the command tent.
  2. Return to where Jorlak was and use the portal. You will zone into the New Combine Drakelands.
  3. Speak to Jorlak.
  4. Click on the sparkles at ( 23, 1, -19 ) /waypoint 23, 1, -19 to place the Tear of Veeshan.
  5. Follow the dialogue, watch the events.
  6. Kill the Doomscale reavers (100^) that attack.
  7. Mercenaries are suspended in this zone, so you may want healing potions.
  8. If you happen to die, you can single pull the reavers.
  9. Kill the Awakened chronomages (100^^). We attacked them with ranged and they seemed too preoccupied to fight back.
  10. Watch and wait for Yelinak to discover an alternate method of returning to your side...
  11. Speak with Jorlak.
  12. Return to Cobalt Scar.
  13. Speak to Norg Gorefist in front of the command tent. He will zone you into Scarstone Commander's Tent: New Combine's Requiem.
  14. Follow the dialogue and events.
  15. Speak with Queen Antonia Bayle (good aligned) in the Qeynos Palace or Lucan (evil aligned) in Freeport's Dethknell Citadel to complete the quest.
    • Go To Dethknell Citadel (portal at (8, -20, 13)) to speak Lucan in his office (The Overlord's Inner Sanctum).
    • Go To Qeynos Castle (door at (490, 5, -20) in North Qeynos) to speak Antonia in her home.
Portal to Deathknell Citadel

Portal to Deathknell Citadel

Rewards Edit

One of the following (based on your archetype and alignment):

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