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Darklight Wood Timeline
Recommended Levels 1 to 25
Introduced: LU35
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Darklight Wood
Followed by: Nektulos Forest Timeline
Butcherblock Mountains Timeline
Side Timelines: The Commonlands Timeline

  • This is a master quest list that excludes any holiday/event related quests.
  • All quests listed here, unless noted, can be started and completed as of February 2018.

Darklight Wood is the starting zone for all new characters choosing Neriak, City of Hate as their starting location. In LU56 the zone had many quests revamped/altered.

This timeline will move you very smoothly through the various quest hubs in Darklight Wood, starting at Hate's Envy. As a result, there is very little chance that you will meet a monster that is red to you so long as you stay near your current quest hub. If of Evil-alignment and a citizen of Neriak, around level 10 you should take a trip into Neriak, City of Hate as there are several quests there for levels 10-11 which are related to to Darklight Wood and nearby zones. You'll get the hint when a quest sends you into the city around level 10.

Hate's Envy[]

If you choose to start your new character in Neriak you will start here. ( -435, -64, 254 ) Copy

Verex N'Za

  1. [1] A Solidified Front

Udiyitas X'Kilrae

  1. [2] Elemental Encroachment

Pellandra D'Xatyl

  1. [2] Sealing the Rift
  2. [3] Searching for Sigils
  3. [4] Reclaiming the Sablevein Tear
  4. [4] An Authority on Hate

Danya Halfmoon

  1. [4] Sablevein Rubble

Jhana Do'Zyth

  1. [4] Prowler Annoyance
  2. [6] A Ferocious Inconvenience

Sselnyl Do'Zyth

  1. [5] No Undead Goes Unturned
  2. [5] Thexian Taint

T'Vatar Post[]

Take the path from the front gate of Hate's Envy. It curves to the left and you will eventually see the tents of T'Vatar Post ahead of you. ( -379, -50, 42 ) Copy

Ginwyss D'Arkenett

  1. [6] Rotting Scum
  2. [7] Picking Up Slack
  3. [9] A Guard Insignia? - You must loot a Neriak recruit badge to unlock Ginwyss' final quest. See quest for details.
  4. [9] The Missing Recruit

Ilmtar D'Viervs

  1. [6] What's in Demand?
  2. [7] One Man's Waste...
  3. [8] Useful Materials
  4. [9] Sorcerous Necessities
  5. [10] Tipping the Scales of Power
  6. [11] A Snake Made Serum
  7. [12] The Mother Lode


  1. [7] Hopeful Net Returns

Laexyra Y'Barriath

  1. [7] Purposeful Trinkets
  2. [8] Public Service
  3. [9] A Friendly Reminder
  4. [10] Reaping
  5. [11] Condemned
  6. Laexyra's two final quests may be collected all together and done all or in part without penalty:

Calnozz J'Melvirr

  1. [7] To Draw Upon Wellsprings
  2. [9] Stunning Revelation
  3. [10] Infantile Ingredients
  4. [10] Dust to Dust

Dirzdia T'Zauvirr
Fishing from a bridge over the Searing Tendril, southwest of T'Vatar Post at ( -162, -57, 123 ) Copy.

  1. [7] Smoking the Competition
  2. [9] Reaping the Benefits of a Monopoly
  3. [10] So Hot You Catch Them Cooked
  4. [11] The Big One
    • Important note: Make sure to loot the corpse of Smolderfin for the quest starter that unlocks Dirzdia's final quest!
  5. [11] Rich Fish Flesh - examine Rich Flesh, see quest for more details; sends you to Calnozz J'Melvirr at T'Vatar Post

Wanderlust Fair[]

From T'Vatar Post, take the road west, keeping to the right, and cross the bridge at Smoldering Lake. Take the next left, just past the Sableflame Crater, and continue on up the hill to the Fair. ( 244, -20, 13 ) Copy

Geldax Xalylharil

  1. [10] The Warpfont Spire
  2. [11] Comparisons to the Harrowglade
  3. [12] Other Materials?
  4. [13] Resonance Capture

Gaussnitra V'Kilana

  1. [11] Potential Threats
  2. [12] Digging Deeper
  3. [13] Stop the Problem at the Source
  4. [13] Another Problem - sends you to Nerian Highlands quest hub


  1. [13] Revenge!
  2. [14] Reagents
  3. [15] More Reagents

Belarshalee Do'Torlyl

  1. [12] Preparing a Ritual
  2. [13] The Summoning Catalyst
  3. [14] The Summoning

Torbus Filnow

  1. [12] Flightless Birds of a Feather
  2. [13] Featherless Fliers

Vornlin B'Vytyl

  1. [14] Alakzaer the Missing
  2. [15] Wings of Fury
  3. [15] Alakzaer's Task
  4. [15] A Shroomling Sample
  5. [16] A More Aggressive Method
  6. [17] Brainstorming
  7. [18] Finally!

Thadus Flintwrit

  1. [18] Stones of our Fathers
  2. [18] Tools of the Trade
  3. [18] Ghosts of Times Past
  4. [19] Piecing Together the Clues
  5. [20] Pass On the Satchel - leads you to the Butcherblock Mountains Timeline

Malyl N'Vazin
These quests take you to the Shadow Oak quest hub.

Unlara Valarin

  1. [19] Studying the Old
  2. [20] Studying the Ancient
  3. [20] A Spirit Key

Milton Flunknuttle
Takes you to Nektulos Forest

  1. [25] Finding Millie
  2. [25] Retrieving Owlbear Eggs
  3. [25] Milton's Stock - takes you back to Darklight Wood

Nerian Highlands[]

Follow the road East from Wanderlust Fair. At the place where the road forks, there is a small guard station that serves as the quest hub. ( 78, -50, -73 ) Copy

Vicaonar K'Xaar

  1. [13] Make 'em Pay
  2. [14] Missing Nerians
  3. [14] Feral Citizenry
  4. [14] Thinning Their Ranks

Larxena D'Ziett

  1. [15] Vampirical Evidence
  2. [15] Breaking a Blood Bond

Shadow Oak[]

From Wanderlust Fair take the path west, and then northwest. Past the bears, turn northeast to the huge tree. ( 469, -32, -267 ) Copy


  1. [15] A Strange Occurrence
  2. [16] Tipping the Scales

Ghaunatar Trearn

  1. [16] Natural Duty
  2. [17] Progressive Growth
  3. [18] Funnelweb Study
  4. [19] Zerilia


  1. [18] The Concoction
  2. [18] Another's Help
  3. [18] Collecting the Spirits - rewards a mount, Neriak Destrier
  4. [18] The Final Ingredient
  5. [19] Execution

Miriam Will

  1. [19] If You Want a Job Done Right...
  2. [19] The Prince and I
  3. [19] They Won't Be Coming Back


Removed Quests[]

Many of the quests in Darklight Wood were redone with LU56. Some of the quests which were changed had new quests added with the same name, but both versions of the quests listed in this section will appear in your journal.

Neriak, City of Hate[]

Neriak itself has no smoothly identifiable series, but rather a collection of quests that add color and introduce the player to outlying zones. For this reason, rather than try to lay these out in level sequence, we group them by the section of the city that they start in. Additionally, there are no quests obtainable to characters of Good-alignment (short of Finding the Dark Bargainers, part of a quest series listed above) and almost all quests in Neriak are unobtainable to characters of Evil-alignment that are citizens of other cities.

Indigo Hollow[]

The following quest is available to any character of Evil-alignment, regardless of citizenship:

The New Foreign Quarter[]

Dockside Markets[]

Spires of Innoruuk[]

Cristanos Plaza[]

Darklight Palace in Death Grotto[]

The following quest is available to any character of Evil-alignment, regardless of citizenship: