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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Cobalt Scar  (AA)
Journal Level 100 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Cobalt Scar more
How to Start Speak to Healer Salinca Cheldr in Scarstone ( 4392, -823, 484 ) /waypoint 4392, -823, 484
part of: Cobalt Scar Timeline
Preceded by:
New Combine Defense
Followed by:
Dark Elf in a Dark Land (evil)
Trouble in the Timber (good)

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Daring Rescue (thawthorn)

thawthorne bush

  1. Gather 8 thawthorn plants. They grow on the cliffs surrounding Howlers Cove - you'll need your flying mount to look for them. They look like glowing golden bushes and are spotted very easy at night. For example, there's one at ( 4642, -848, 538 ) /waypoint 4642, -848, 538.
  2. Return to Healer Salinca Cheldr
  3. Teleport 8 defenders to safety - they look like bodies laying on the rocks, and are untrackable. They are on the cliffs south of Scarstone ( 4642, -848, 538 ) /waypoint 4642, -848, 538
  4. Return to Healer Salinca Cheldr


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