Dao Tom

Dao Tom

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Faction Merchant (Disciples of the Circling Destiny)
Race Hua Mein
Zone The Stonebrunt Highlands (Sentinel's Fate)
Location Inside Ning Yun Retreat ( 516, 333, 475 ) /waypoint 516, 333, 475 Eq2map

Faction Items for SaleEdit

Items for salePricePositive Faction
Bamboo Bangle of Bai Jin55g 98s 72c20,000
Band of Circling Destiny55g 98s 72c20,000
Belt of the Ning Yun Denizen55g 98s 72c20,000
Cloak of Enduring Ways55g 98s 72c20,000
Fist of the Lotus55g 52s 6c40,000
Golden Ring of Mu Ping55g 98s 72c20,000
Hoop of Circling Destiny55g 98s 72c20,000
Ning Ning's Sash of Secrets55g 98s 72c20,000
Preserved Lotus Flower4g 66s 56c30,000
Ring of the Ning Yun Fisherman55g 98s 72c20,000
Wen Wen's Rose Colored Stone4g 66s 56c30,000
Zhen Gao's Bangle of Might55g 98s 72c20,000

Disciples of the Circling Destiny Faction Goods

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