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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Tradeskill
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start Speak to Londiar Inygad in any major city.

What does this information mean?


The daily tinkering task is a infinite repeatable quest that you can perform once every 18 (real world) hours. The quest offers you an opportunity to skill up your tinkering skill for merely the cost of the fuel the combine takes. All the other required materials are provided to you free of charge.

This task was added after the Daily Adorning Tasks, but you get them from the same NPC. Londiar Inygad also offers a Daily Transmuting Task now.

Starting the QuestEdit

Londiar Inygad (New Halas)

Londiar Inygad looks the same in all the cities.

To begin the daily tinkering task you must speak to Londiar Inygad who is located in any of the major cities through out Norrath. (He must be a doppleganger of some sort!)

  • Freeport ( 24, -13, 93 ) /waypoint 23.8, -12.5, 93
  • Gorowyn ( 2790, 121, 1239 ) /waypoint 2790, 121, 1239
  • Kelethin ( 457, 91, 332 ) /waypoint 457, 91, 332
  • Neriak ( -184, -3, 275 ) /waypoint -184, -3, 275
  • New Halas ( -392, 176, -157 ) /waypoint -392, 176, -157
  • Qeynos Capitol District ( 345, -17, -87 ) /waypoint 345, -17, -87

The daily tinkering task may also be obtained from Dercin Marrbrand in

The Daily TasksEdit

The quest you receive varies depending upon your skill level for adorning and is not based off your adventure or tradeskill level.

The materials will be provided for you. The fuel required will depend on your skill level.


  • Tradeskill experience. Amount received Scales to your Tradeskill Level. See Discussion.
  • 85s 64c (300 Tinkering Skill)
  • 1 City Token
  • +300 Faction with your local Tradeskill Guild.


The tinkering daily task is an easy way to complete some of the Daily Objective tasks.

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