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An image of D'Lere as appears on the world map.

D'Lere is the eastern remnant of the former super-continent of Antonica that broke apart during The Rending. It is primarily controlled by the forces of Evil, with The City of Freeport standing resolutely along its easternmost side. It is named for Overlord Lucan D'Lere, ruler of Freeport.

An image of D'Lere as appears on the world map, zoomed in.

D'Lere is composed of Nektulos Forest in the west, Darklight Wood and Neriak, City of Hate in the north, The Commonlands in the south, and The City of Freeport in the east. Together, Nektulos and Darklight form a large forested area that encompasses almost half the landmass of the continent. The Commonlands are a near-flat semi-arid plain that extends from Freeport to the Jagged Spine Mountains. The Jagged Spine splits D'Lere through the middle and wraps around the entire western side of The Commonlands.

Central themes of D'Lere include orc clans raiding Freeport and attempting to establish a foothold on the continent, the dark elves reclamation of their ancestral capitol of Neriak and the Teir'Dal racial purists that are trying to dethrone the current dark elf leader, and the forces of Freeport attempting to stabilize the continent in the aftermath of The Age of Cataclysms.