1. Click the clickable statue in the entry room to open the first door.
  2. Proceed down the hall, and turn east. Kill Tootooz the Cryptomaniac.
  3. Go back west, and inbetween the two rooms are two breakable walls. Kill attackable vases in both hidden rooms to get the key for the next area.
  4. Continue through Tootooz's room and go either left or right. Open the door, and jump down.
  5. Click on any of the valves in the goo room to spawn Googantuan, the next named. Kill Googantuan, and loot his chest to recieve Slimeskin. Slimeskin allows you to temporarily swim in the goo (it otherwise kills you immediately).
  6. Find the key in the goo. Look for a glowing red animation. Click to harvest the key to the collapsed tunnel.
  7. Get out of the goo and head west down the room. At the end of the hallway will be two rooms, one of them with a tunnel in it. Inside this tunnel is a Trapped Foreman. Kill him to receive a junction box lever.
  8. Go back to the goo room and head all the way east to place the lever. Use the lever, and it will emote that a grate in the goo has opened. Use the slimeskin and head ever further east. At the bottom of the goo there will be a now opened grate.
  9. Go down the grate and make your way northeast until you reach a room full of devourers. Roaming in the room will be The Frenzied Feeder. Kill it to recieve a teleportation rune.
  10. Use the slimeskin again and make your way back to the goo room. Once in the goo room, get out of the goo and head west. Just before the end of the hall, you will see two ramps on either side of the hall. Go in the left one, and head east through the two rooms. In the 2nd room there will be an alter. Click to use the teleportation stone on the alter. Teleport to the other side.
  11. Head north, then turn into the Forge Keeper room. Click on the door to spawn the next nameds, Enchanted Sword and Shield. Kill them, and loot the chest for the sword and shield.
  12. Click the two alters in the room to place the sword and shield, at which the door will become opened.
  13. IMPORTANT: If you are doing the signature questline, get the materials from the side rooms.
    1. East room: the khukri blade mold, which is in a small red box.
    2. West room: 3 imbued tynnonium bars, 2 coal of the crypts, and fear infused leather (a small pouch on the ground)
  14. IMPORTANT: If you are on the sig line, DO NOT ATTACK HIM. Hail him, and proceed through the dialogue. He will give you the key to the lockbox for the recipe. At the end, he will attack you. Kill him to gain access to the forges.
    1. Note: You must have done The Greenmist Sword timeline in order to complete this step.
  15. Loot and scoot.
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