Crushbone Keep Timeline
Recommended Levels 20 to 30
Introduced: Echoes of Faydwer
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Crushbone Keep
Preceded by: Greater Faydark Timeline

The following are quest series that take place in Crushbone Keep. They are aimed at characters of levels 20-30, and they flow naturally from the Greater Faydark Timeline.

(recommended levels in parentheses)

Main Quest LineEdit


Starts with Vargorn the Historian - found just outside the gate to Crushbone Keep

  1. A Sense of History (24)
  2. Revisionist History (28) - given by Janitor Gorreth

I suspect Vargorn's remaining quests can only be done by evil characters...

Other QuestsEdit

Helping the RangerEdit

Starts with Morodag Greenbow - standing just inside Crushbone Keep, on your right as you enter

  1. Dishonored Dead (26)

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