Map of Crushbone Keep Ground Floor

Ground Floor

Crushbone Keep Second Floor


Crushbone Keep Basement


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EverQuest II Zone Information
Introduced Echoes of Faydwer CB
Level Range 20-30
Adjacent Zones Greater Faydark, The D'Vinnian Throne
Instance Public
Timelines Crushbone Keep Timeline
Quests / Collections NPCs Monsters Named Monsters
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What does this information mean?


Also abbreviated CBK.
Quests: See Crushbone Keep Timeline.

For a list of possible Expert "blue shiny" spawn points for this zone, see this list.

The fortress home of countless orcs, Crushbone Keep provides adventure and excitement to lvl 20+ players.

Max Chrono-mentor is level 30 to ensure all mobs are not gray.

There is a connecting instance The D'Vinnian Throne at the end of the zone. See instances page for more info.

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