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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Plane of Magic  (AA)
Introduced Planes of Prophecy
Journal Level 106 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Plane of Magic more
How to Start Speak to Khat-Ra Pakiat at ( -789, 171, -724 ) Copy
part of: Planes of Prophecy Timeline
Preceded by:
The Crucible of Purpose
Followed by:
Consoling the Souls: A Contemplation
The Mootuingo Job
The Starfire Collection
The River Job

What does this information mean?



  1. You will receive the Starfire Aggregate recipe book from Khat-Ra Pakiat at the start of this quest. Scribe it. By this time, you will already have most of the other necessary components from the quests done up to this point.

If you are missing components, you can check the Component Chest-809, 171, -709 ) Copy just SE of Khat-Ra Pakiat to get them back.

Component Chest

  1. Use the Spell Cube at ( -799, 171, -710 ) Copy to craft the Starfire Aggregate. If you have your graphics set low, you may not see the cube if you are zoomed out in 3rd person.

    Spell Cube

    • In addition to the components gathered previously, you will need 5 Celestial Coal.
  2. Speak to Khat-Ra Pakiat to receive the Pakiat Divining Device.
  3. Travel to ( -1110, 36, 960 ) Copy on the outside south eastern edge of the map, and use the Pakiat Divining Device.
  4. Click on the Starfire Realm well at ( -1122, 36, 954 ) Copy to enter The Starfire Realm {solo-only zone}.

    Starfire Realm well

  5. Cast Starfire Aggregate
    • Check your knowledge book under abilities if it did not show up on your hotbars.
    • The zone appears to be a reskinned Crystal Caverns (from DoV) map.
  6. Progress through the zone to ( 42, -25, -68 ) Copy and talk to Kalisonu.

    Kalisonu Cursed Elemental

  7. Wait while she (eventually) touches the Sunstone, then speak to her again.
  8. Click on the crystal wall at ( 148, 15, -49 ) Copy to exit.
  9. Return to Khat-Ra Pakiat.