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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Treasure Hunt  (AA)
Journal Level 101 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Thalumbra, the Ever Deep more
How to Start Click a fallen crate in the Glittervein Depths ( 463, 19, 884 ) /waypoint 462.65, 19.23, 883.79 Eq2map
part of: Terrors of Thalumbra Timeline
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What does this information mean?

I found a crate at the bottom of Glittervein Depths that must have fallen from the platform above. I should pick it up and return it to the platform above as quickly and as carefully as possible before it falls apart!


  • You have 5 minutes to complete this quest.
  • Can complete with group. Each group member must initiate the quest by clicking on the chest, and then clicking on the chest again to pick it up. If multiple group members, wait until all have picked up the chest, walk to and place chest at its destination ( 471, 30, -597 )
  • Helps if you have pet's or mercs to distract the few adds that might try to waylay you on your journey.


  1. Pick up a fallen crate in the Glittervein Depths ( 463, 19, 884 ) /waypoint 462.65, 19.23, 883.79 Eq2map.
    • The crate moves like a furniture item, and can't be placed until you reach your destination.
    • Every so often you will be attached by a tinkered cratesalvager.
  2. Carry the crate to the platform far above ( 483, 143, 820 ) /waypoint 483.43, 143.10, 819.74 Eq2map.


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