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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Maj'Dul
Journal Level 50 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The Court of the Blades more
How to Start Speak to Dukaris at ( 17, 5, 7 ) /waypoint 17, 5, 7
part of: Court of the Blades Timeline
Preceded by:
Followed by:
Court of the Blades: Dukarem's Purge, Part I
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Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Slay a Court tower captain of each opposing faction:
  2. Return to Dukaris.
  3. Deliver the following items to the following people in Maj'Dul:
  4. Return to Dukaris.
  5. Inform the following Blades captains in Maj'Dul of an impending orc raid. You are now on a 60-minute timer to complete this step.
  6. Return to Dukaris.
  7. Gather materials for Dukaris to complete his cloak:
    • Lizardman scales: Kill lizardmen around the oasis of The Twin Tears ( -452, -75, -993 ) /waypoint -452, -75, -993 for 25 uncommon updates
    • Pristine Fashioned Nacre Earring: Buy a Fashioned Nacre Earring off the broker or make one.
      • Pristine Fashioned Nacre Earring no longer exists in-game after the tradeskill revamp. The normal version of the earring is what is required.
      • If you make a Fashioned Nacre Earring with an alt you will not get the quest update unless you put it in a broker box then remove it, or sell it to a merchant and buy it back.
  8. Return to Dukaris.
  9. Scout locations to find new champions:
    • Anaz Mal camp in the Sinking Sands. ( -427, -141, -1273 ) /waypoint -427, -141, -1273
    • Raef Ew camp in the Sinking Sands. ( -400, -120, -676 ) /waypoint -400, -120, -676
    • The Rujarkian Battlemaster's camp at the entrance to the Clefts of Rujark. ( -644, -114, -183 ) /waypoint -644, -114, -183
  10. Return to Dukaris.
  11. Go to the Sinking Sands and protect Dukaris as he walks toward the camp of the Rujarkian Battlemaster. You will find Dukaris at ( -699, -114, -264 ) /waypoint -699, -114, -264.
    • When he's fighting the Battlemaster, make sure to not to click on him again or he will just stand there and let the Battlemaster kill him. If you do, simply, re-click on him and choose 'Lets do it' to get him going again.
    • If Dukaris dies, you have to go back to his original spawn point and start over. You may have to log out and back in to properly reset everything.
  12. Return to Dukaris in the Court of Blades.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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