Court of Truth Timeline
Recommended Levels 50 to 60
Introduced: Desert of Flames
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: The Sinking Sands
Preceded by: Sinking Sands Timeline
Followed by: Tenebrous Tangle Timeline

Introduction Edit

This quest line is the primary quest line for The Court of Truth. Completing it will result in access to the instance Court of Truth: Riddle of the Sphinx. Completion of this quest line is necessary for the signature heroic quest The Courts of Maj'Dul: Of Fate and Destiny.

Gaining Entrance to the Court Edit

You need to have +20,000 faction (Kindly - previously reported as Warmly) before you can enter the Court Headquarters.

To gain entry, you can earn faction with the Court in a few ways:

  1. Kill Rival Court Guards, Bodyguards, Patrollers, Trainee or Officers
    • Upon killing a rival guard, bodyguard, patroller, trainee or officer, you will loot a Faction Coin from the body.
    • You can turn in the Faction Coin to the The Court of Truth Consul on the first floor of the Tower of the Moon. Each Faction Coin is worth 250 faction for the court you turn it into, and -250 faction with the other two.
  2. Do the repeatable quests for Taj As'ad at the the Sinking Sands dock.
  3. Do the repeatable quest for Majah L'Asi
  • There is a fourth minor faction, The Court of Tears, which is a solo instance that rewards Faction Coins of your choice, (see Maj'Dul Solo timeline ).

Gaining Favor in the Court Edit

Once you have reached 20K Faction with the Court, you may now enter the HQ tower.

To continue earning faction you can:

  1. Continue Killing Rival Court guards, bodyguards and officers for Faction Coins.
  2. Do the following quests inside The Court of Truth
    1. In the Foyer from Muyassar Zuhur -- 1 hour timer upon completion, deletion, or refusal of a quest before Muyassar will offer another quest.
    2. In the Foyer from the Box of Daggers:
  3. Court of the Truth Series
    1. From Isdala, Princess of Truth (at 20K faction)
    2. And then from Ishara, Caliph of Truth
    3. Continues with Rahima, Princess of Truth

You may not get the quests from the Sinking Sands represenative NPC over 20K faction.

Gaining Title Edit

Once you have earned favor with the Court of Truth, are lvl 60, and have the maximum 50K status you can seek to Gain Title. Inside The Court of Truth main hall, Faizal Khajanee will offer you only one quest: Earning Rank. Completing it will result in the title Paragon of Truth. No need to complete other quests.

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