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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Training
Journal Level 104 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start Speak to Brehita the Weaponbreaker
part of: Planes of Prophecy Timeline
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Starting the Quest

Brehita the Weaponbreaker may be found in either the Coliseum of Valor at ( 103, 0, 30 ) /waypoint 103, 0, 30 or in the Services Gallery in Myrist, the Great Library

NOTE: You must be level 110


  1. Use the Flame symbol next to Brehita the Weaponbreaker and zone into the Soulbound Chamber.
  2. Speak to Brehita inside to receive a Soulbound Slicer.
  3. Click on the coal bin, then click on the Soulbound Slicer in your inventory to receive a Planar Weapon Essence.
  4. Speak to Brehita again.
  5. Click on brazier in the center of the chamber.
    1. Imbue a single essence.
    2. Select the weapon (Must be a weapon from the Plane of Magic or Chaos Descending, or your Epic 2.0!)
  6. Speak to Brehita again.


Extract planar essence.jpg

  • At least 1p 68g 39s 90c
  • "Access" to the Soulbound Chamber to break down more items/weapons to imbue/level up your weapons
  • A permanent ability to extract Planar Essences from any weapon that has energies that are "Planar"

Notes on Using the Extract Planar Essence Ability

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