Armor Set: Combatant's Aura of Death
All Fighters ONLY

All Scouts ONLY

All Fighters and All Scouts

  • (2) 3% Crit Bonus +675 Ability Modifier 3% Ability Reuse Speed 3% Mitigation Increase 5% Multi Attack Chance

This armor may only be worn by All Fighters or All Scouts as indicated.

This armor is obtained as follows:

Item Dropped by Zone
All Fighters ONLY
Bangle of Endless PlaguesMrogr BloodtaintSullon's Spire (Challenge)
Bangle of Falling StarsSupreme Imperium ValdemarTemple of Rallos Zek: Foundations of Stone (Challenge)
Blessed Ceremonial Diaku War SashThe Three GeneralsTallon's Stronghold (Challenge)
Clasp of Freezing WindsIilatus FrostbeardKraytoc's Fortress of Rime (Challenge)
Diaku-Forged Bangle of Crude SpikesHand of VallonVallon's Tower (Challenge)
Idol of Glowing Rage-Filled OreLichlord SkullduggerVallon's Tower (Challenge)
Tyrax's Bracelet of Polarity ReversalTyrax TerrolusTallon's Stronghold (Challenge)
Wristguard of the Humanoid TowerTrash MobsSullon's Spire (Challenge)
All Scouts ONLY
Clasp of Flowing RimeIilatus FrostbeardKraytoc's Fortress of Rime (Challenge)
Hoop of the Presence of RallosSupreme Imperium ValdemarTemple of Rallos Zek: Foundations of Stone (Challenge)
All Fighters and All Scouts
Bracelet of Affliction and BlightMrogr BloodtaintSullon's Spire (Challenge)
Bracelet of Multitudinous StrikingTrash MobsSullon's Spire (Challenge)
Detonation Strike BraceletHand of VallonVallon's Tower (Challenge)
Diaku Pummeler's BangleLichlord SkullduggerVallon's Tower (Challenge)
Gleaming Bangle of the DuplicitousTyrax TerrolusTallon's Stronghold (Challenge)
Ribbed Belt of the Diaku CommanderThe Three GeneralsTallon's Stronghold (Challenge)
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