Cobalt Scar Timeline
Recommended Levels 92 to 95
Introduced: LU66
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Cobalt Scar
Preceded by: The Withered Lands Timeline
Followed by: Darkness Ascending Signature Timeline, Vesspyr Isles Timeline (Solo), Skyshrine Timeline (Heroic)
Side Timelines: The Eidolon Jungle Timeline, Obol Plains Timeline


  • You MUST BE LEVEL 92 or higher to begin this quest chain. Discovered item quests are possible but very few.
  • Cobalt Scar can be accessed from the Thurgadin Harbor in Great Divide by speaking to the New Combine Flight Master at ( 1278, -540, 306 ) /waypoint 1278, -540, 306. It's the same flight station used to access The Withered Lands.
  • For tradeskill related solo quests see the Scars of the Awakened Crafting Timeline.

Killing Fields seriesEdit

Field Marshall VishraEdit

Osh, New Speaker of LodizalEdit



Forsaken Othmir Village seriesEdit




Eerie Encampment seriesEdit

Outrider MetingaEdit

Outrider StorianEdit

Scout ChenkaEdit

Scarstone seriesEdit

Norg GorefistEdit

Field Marshal VishraEdit

Head Scholar NabihanEdit

Healer Salinca CheldrEdit

  • [100] Daring Rescue - leads to Tindi Wildbranch's quests for good align, Draeth V'Zaar for evil align

Tindi WildbranchEdit

Draeth V'ZaarEdit

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