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Entry Level (Heroic/solo, EM x2, CoE x4 trash) Edit

Level 95, 179 stats

SlotPlate FighterBrawlerScoutClericShamanDruidMage
HeadGehein Soul-Touched BarbuteGehein Soul-Touched CapGehein Soul-Touched CoifGehein Soul-Touched Plate BarbuteGehein Soul-Touched HelmGehein Soul-Touched CowlGehein Soul-Touched Hood
ShouldersGehein Soul-Touched VambracesGehein Soul-Touched ArmwrapsGehein Soul-Touched Chain ArmguardsGehein Soul-Touched SpauldersGehein Soul-Touched ArmguardsGehein Soul-Touched MeshGehein Soul-Touched Mantle
ChestPrimal BreastplatePrimal ChestwrapPrimal HauberkPrimal CuirassPrimal ChestguardPrimal TunicPrimal Robe
ForearmsSamhain Fear-Touched BracersSamhain Fear-Touched WristwrapsSamhain Fear-Touched Chain BracersSamhain Fear-Touched Plate BracersSamhain Fear-Touched WristguardsSamhain Fear-Touched Leather BracersSamhain Fear-Touched Cuffs
HandsSamhain Fear-Touched GauntletsSamhain Fear-Touched HandwrapsSamhain Fear-Touched Chain HandguardsSamhain Fear-Touched Plate GauntletsSamhain Fear-Touched HandguardsSamhain Fear-Touched Leather GlovesSamhain Fear-Touched Gloves
LegsGehein Soul-Touched LegplatesGehein Soul-Touched LegwrapsGehein Soul-Touched LegguardsGehein Soul-Touched GreavesGehein Soul-Touched LeggingsGehein Soul-Touched WadersGehein Soul-Touched Breeches
FeetPrimal SabatonsPrimal FootwrapsPrimal Chainlink BootsPrimal TonletsPrimal FootguardsPrimal BootsPrimal Sandals

NOTE: WE x2 armor pieces do NOT come with a red adorn.

SlotDropped byPlate FighterBrawlerScoutClericShamanDruidMage
ChestPrime Necromunger MaxlBreastplate of the All-BlockerLeather Tunic of the All SwarmerChainlink Guard of the All-KillerHauberk of the Council of FourChain Hauberk of the Dread-FilerChestplate of the Council of FourRobes of the Prime-Lock
HandsSwarm Keeper ZazunGauntlets of Living ToxinLeather Gloves of VenomGloves of Poisonous BarbsGauntlets of Embracing MistsChain Gloves of Fire GyreGloves of Venomous WavesGloves of the Great Devourer
FeetKradon the Drake LordSabatons of the Firefield AvengerBoots of the Firestorm AvengerChain Boots of the Volatile AvengerPolished Plate Boots of the Volatile AvengerChain Boots of the Alacritous AvengerChain Sabatons of the Firestorm AvengerBoots of the Alactritous Avenger

NOTE: DoV sets from Drunder HM zones are Level 90, 183 stats
(which is above entry level CoE, so it may be worth mentioning)

Siren's Grotto: Dissension Trash Edit

Level 95, 185 stats [complete/verify/correct]

SlotPlate FighterBrawlerScoutClericShamanDruidMage
HeadScaled Tavalan BarbuteScaled Tavalan HeadwrapScaled Tavalan CoifScaled Tavalan Plate BarbuteScaled Tavalan Chain CoifScaled Tavalan Leather CapScaled Tavalan Collar
ShouldersScaled Tavalan VambracesScaled Tavalan ArmwrapsScaled Tavalan ArmguardsScaled Tavalan Plate VambracesScaled Tavalan Chain ShouldersScaled Tavalan Leather ShouldersScaled Tavalan Mantle
ChestScaled Tavalan BreastplateScaled Tavalan GiScaled Tavalan HauberkScaled Tavalan Plate BreastplateScaled Tavalan Chain ChestguardScaled Tavalan Leather TunicScaled Tavalan Robes
HandsScaled Tavalan GauntletsScaled Tavalan HandwrapsScaled Tavalan HandguardsScaled Tavalan Plate GauntletsScaled Tavalan Chain GlovesScaled Tavalan Leather GlovesScaled Tavalan Gloves

CoE x4 EM Edit

Level 95, 187 stats

SlotDropped byPlate FighterBrawlerScoutClericShamanDruidMage
HeadBastionBarbute of the Soul BastionHeadwrap of the Soul BastionCoif of the Soul BastionPlate Helm of the Soul BastionHelm of the Soul BastionCap of the Soul BastionCrown of the Soul Bastion
ShouldersBaroddasVambraces of the Shiverback KingArmwraps of the Shiverback KingChainlinked Vambraces of the Shiverback KingPauldrons of the Shiverback KingLinked Vambraces of the Shiverback KingShoulderpads of the Shiverback KingMantle of the Shiverback King
ChestDrinal (Epic) with 1 Soul WellDrinal's Breastplate of MourningDrinal's Corslet of MourningDrinal's Hauberk of MourningDrinal's Cuirass of MourningDrinal's Chains of MourningDrinal's Tunic of MourningDrinal's Robes of Mourning
ChestDrinal (Epic) with 2 Soul WellsBreastplate of the Baleful SoulCorslet of the Baleful SoulHauberk of the Baleful SoulCuirass of the Baleful SoulChains of the Baleful SoulTunic of the Baleful SoulRobes of the Baleful Soul
ForearmsConstruct of SoulsBracers of Harnessed SoulsWristwraps of Harnessed SoulsChainlink Bracers of Harnessed SoulsPlate Bracers of Harnessed SoulsLinked Bracers of Harnessed SoulsWristcuffs of Harnessed SoulsCuffs of Harnessed Souls
HandsAchievement Reward: "Restorer of Life"Gauntlets of Restoring LifeHandwraps of Restoring LifeHandguards of Restoring LifePlate Gauntlets of Restoring LifeChainlinked Gloves of Restoring LifeEthereal Gloves of Restoring LifeGloves of Restoring Life
LegsSleeper's Tomb EidolonsPrimal Velium GreavesPrimal Velium Studded Leather ChapsPrimal Velium Chainmail LeggingsPrimal Velium Plate GreavesPrimal Velium Chainlink GreavesPrimal Velium Studded Leather LeggingsPrimal Velium Flecked Pantaloons
FeetPharinich the ForlornSabatons of the ForlornFootwraps of the ForlornChainlinked Boots of the ForlornTonlets of the ForlornLinked Boots of the ForlornBoots of the ForlornSandals of the Forlorn

WBE: Nox Incessit (x2) HM Edit

Level 95, 193 stats (do not come with a red adorn)

SlotDropped byPlate FighterBrawlerScoutClericShamanDruidMage
ChestPrime Necromunger Maxl (Challenge)Breastplate of the Necrotic FingerChestplate of the Necrotic FingerChainmail Hauberk of the Necrotic FingerPolished Breastplate of the Necrotic FingerHauberk of the Necrotic FingerLeather Chestplate of the Necrotic FingerRobes of the Necrotic Finger
HandsSwarm Keeper Zazun (Challenge)Zazun's Gauntlets of Living ToxinsZazun's Gloves of Living ToxinsZazun's Chain Gauntlets of Living ToxinsZazun's Plate Gauntlets of Living ToxinsZazun's Chain Gloves of Living ToxinsZazun's Leather Gloves of Living ToxinsZazun's Mittens of Living Toxins
FeetKradon the Drake Lord (Challenge)Kradon's Sabatons of Impending DoomKradon's Boots of Impending DoomKradon's Chain Sabatons of Impending DoomKradon's Plate Boots of Impending DoomKradon's Chain Boots of Impending DoomKradon's Leather Boots of Impending DoomMoccasins of Baleful Pestilence

Plane of War Edit

Level 90, 196 stats

SlotDropped byPlate FighterBrawlerScoutClericShamanDruidMage
HeadDecorin (war wraith) trashDominant Sentinel's Brutal BarbuteAstral Pugilist's Brutal SkullcapTranscendent Eliminator's Despotic CoifCelestial Curate's Sovereign BarbuteClairvoyant Witch Doctor's Sovereign CoifEternal Haruspex's Sovereign CapImmortal Theurgist's Masterous Hood
ShouldersEriak the FetidDominant Sentinel's Brutal PauldronsAstral Pugilist's Brutal ArmwrapsTranscendent Eliminator's Despotic SpauldersCelestial Curate's Sovereign PauldronClairvoyant Witch Doctor's Sovereign SpauldersEternal Haruspex's Sovereign Shoulder PadsImmortal Theurgist's Masterous Epaulets
ChestCommanders (Goreslaughter & Corpsemaul)Dominant Sentinel's Brutal BreastplateAstral Pugilist's Brutal GiTranscendent Eliminator's Despotic HauberkCelestial Curate's Sovereign BreastplateClairvoyant Witch Doctor's Sovereign HauberkEternal Haruspex's Sovereign TunicImmortal Theurgist's Masterous Robe
ForearmsWarhide (war boar) trashDominant Sentinel's Brutal VambracesAstral Pugilist's Brutal Wrist WrapsTranscendent Eliminator's Despotic WristguardCelestial Curate's Sovereign VambracesClairvoyant Witch Doctor's Sovereign WristguardsEternal Haruspex's Sovereign BracersImmortal Theurgist's Masterous Bands
HandsHendin (avazek) trash Dominant Sentinel's Brutal GauntletsAstral Pugilist's Brutal Hand WrapsTranscendent Eliminator's Despotic CuffsCelestial Curate's Sovereign GauntletsClairvoyant Witch Doctor's Sovereign CuffsEternal Haruspex's Sovereign GlovesImmortal Theurgist's Masterous Mitts
LegsBerik BloodfistDominant Sentinel's Brutal GreavesAstral Pugilist's Brutal BreechesTranscendent Eliminator's Despotic ChaussesCelestial Curate's Sovereign GreavesClairvoyant Witch Doctor's Sovereign ChaussesEternal Haruspex's Sovereign PantsImmortal Theurgist's Masterous Leggings
FeetDiaku (humanoid) trash Dominant Sentinel's Brutal SabatonsAstral Pugilist's Brutal Foot WrapsTranscendent Eliminator's Despotic BootsCelestial Curate's Sovereign SabatonsClairvoyant Witch Doctor's Sovereign BootsEternal Haruspex's Sovereign MoccasinsImmortal Theurgist's Masterous Shoes

CoE x4 HM Edit

Level 95, 203 stats [complete/verify/correct]

SlotDropped byPlate FighterBrawlerScoutClericShamanDruidMage
HeadBaroddas and Baelon (Challenge)Ancient Barbute of the Shiverback KingAncient Headwrap of the Shiverback KingAncient Chainlink Helm of the Shiverback KingAncient Plate Helm of the Shiverback KingAncient Linked Helm of the Shiverback KingAncient Cap of the Shiverback KingAncient Hood of the Shiverback King
ChestDrinal (Epic) with 3 Soul WellsBreastplate of the Silver ReaperCorslet of the Silver ReaperHauberk of the Silver ReaperCuirass of the Silver ReaperChains of the Silver ReaperTunic of the Silver ReaperRobes of the Silver Reaper
ChestDrinal (Epic) with 4 Soul WellsEthereal Breastplate of the Silver ReaperEthereal Corslet of the Silver ReaperEthereal Hauberk of the Silver ReaperEthereal Cuirass of the Silver ReaperEthereal Chains of the Silver ReaperEthereal Tunic of the Silver ReaperEthereal Robes of the Silver Reaper
ShouldersOligar of the Dead (Challenge)Vambraces of the Empowered GuardianArmwraps of the Empowered GuardianArmguards of the Empowered GuardianEpaulettes of the Empowered GuardianShoulderguards of the Empowered GuardianShoulderpads of the Empowered GuardianCowl of the Empowered Guardian
ForearmsBastion the ImmovableBracers of the Immovable BastionWristwraps of the Immovable BastionChainlink Bracers of the Immovable BastionPlate Bracers of the Immovable BastionLinked Bracers of the Immovable BastionWristcuffs of the Immovable BastionCuffs of the Immovable Bastion
HandsAncient Sentinel (Challenge)Primal Velium GauntletsPrimal Velium Studded Leather FistwrapsPrimal Velium Linked GauntletsPrimal Velium HandguardsPrimal Velium Linked GlovesPrimal Velium Studded Leather GlovesPrimal Velium Flecked Gloves
LegsAmalgamonAncient Primal Velium GreavesAncient Primal Velium Studded LegwrapsAncient Primal Velium Chainlink GreavesAncient Primal Velium Plate GreavesAncient Primal Velium Chain LeggingsAncient Primal Velium Studded LeggingsAncient Primal Velium Flecked Pantaloons
FeetAmalgamonAncient Primal Velium SabatonsAncient Primal Velium Leather FootwrapsAncient Primal Velium Chainlinked BootsAncient Primal Velium Plate BootsAncient Primal Velium Linked BootsAncient Primal Velium Buckled BootsAncient Primal Velium Flecked Sandals

Siren's Grotto: Dissension EM Edit

Level 95, 211-212 stats [complete/verify/correct]

SlotDropped byPlate FighterBrawlerScoutClericShamanDruidMage
ForearmsDiviner Gelerin and Persecutor BaridCoral-Encrusted Reinforced BracersCoral-Encrusted BracesCoral-Encrusted Chainmail BracersCoral-Encrusted Plate BracersCoral-Encrusted Chain BracersCoral-Encrusted Hydra Skin BracersCoral-Encrusted Cuffs
LegsOverlord TalanCoral-Encrusted GreavesCoral-Encrusted LegwrapsCoral-Encrusted Chainmail LegguardsCoral-Encrusted Plate GreavesCoral-Encrusted Chain LegguardsCoral-Encrusted Hydra Hide LeggingsCoral-Encrusted Breeches
FeetGen'RaCoral-Encrusted SabatonsCoral-Encrusted FootwrapsCoral-Encrusted Chainmail BootsCoral-Encrusted Plate SabatonsCoral-Encrusted Chain BootsCoral-Encrusted Hydra Skin BootsCoral-Encrusted Boots

Siren's Grotto: Dissension HM Edit

Level 95, 220-275 stats [complete/verify/correct]

SlotDropped / ObtainPlate FighterBrawlerScoutClericShamanDruidMage
Head[information needed]Hydra-Scale Barbute of Psionic ShieldingHydra-Scale Skullcap of Psionic ShieldingHydra-Scale Coif of Psionic ShieldingHydra-Scale Helmet of Psionic ShieldingHydra-Scale Cap of Psionic ShieldingHydra-Scale Hat of Psionic ShieldingHydra-Scale Hood of Psionic Shielding
Head[information needed]Indestructible Hydra-Scale Helm of StabilityIndestuctible Hydra-Scale Helm of PummelingIndestructible Hydra-Scale Helm of DaringIndestructible Hydra-Scale Helm of DefianceIndestructible Hydra-Scale Helm of VitaeIndestructible Hydra-Scale Helm of CrisisIndestructible Hydra-Scale Helm of Rending
ShouldersOverlord Talan (Challenge)Coral-Encrusted GreavesCoral-Encrusted LegwrapsCoral-Encrusted Chainmail LegguardsCoral-Encrusted Plate GreavesCoral-Encrusted Chain LegguardsCoral-Encrusted Hydra Hide LeggingsCoral-Encrusted Breeches
HandsPhyllon'Ris (Challenge)Hydra Scale Reinforced GauntletsHydra Hide Wrapped GlovesHydra Scale Chain GauntletsHydra Scale Plate GauntletsHydra Scale Chain GlovesHydra Hide Tanned GlovesHydra Hide Gloves
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