Cloud Mount Timeline
Recommended Levels 57 to 70
Introduced: Sentinel's Fate
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Tenebrous Tangle

Introduced with Game Update 55, this series is solo/heroic, and carries the player through all major Kingdom of Sky zones. It will also reward you with a full class-specific armor set, piece by piece.

To start this timeline, Speak to Bilgeron Cogsworth IV in Tenebrous Tangle on the Temple Grounds ( 50, 22, 193 )
(recommended level in brackets)

For the slightly more daring adventurers, you can actually pick up the first quest at Level 55.

Personal Cloud

End reward: Self Contained Cloud

Tenebrous TangleEdit

Bilgeron Cogsworth IV pt1
  1. Cogs on the Droags (57)
  2. To the Isle of Fear (59)
  3. An Eye on the Clue (60) - reward class specific armor set feet
Gnibliks Shortstacks
  1. The Bees Sees (61)
Bilgeron Cogsworth IV pt2
  1. Picking Up the Broken Pieces (62)
  2. Follow the Bot (62) - reward class specific armor set hands
  3. To the Barren Sky (63)

Barren Sky

Frigui Togginscog
  1. In Search of a Bot (63)
  2. Another Broken Brain (64) - reward class specific armor set forearms
  3. Third Bot is the Charm (65)
  4. Help from the Air (66) - reward class specific armor set head
  5. Another Aerial Attempt (67) - requires Volant language
  6. Searching the Awakened (67)


Zastik Togginscog
  1. Heading into the Night (67) - reward class specific armor set shoulders
  2. A Drukin Archeologist (67)
  3. Travel to the Crash Site (69) - reward class specific armor set legs
  4. A Stealthy Guarding (70)
  5. A Dragon and a Ninni (70)
  6. Back to the Beginning (70) - reward class specific armor set chest

Tenebrous Tangle

Bilgeron Cogsworth IV
  1. One Last Chance at Treasure (70)

Rewards Edit

Armor Set
Class specific armor set that you get through the quest timeline:

Fighter Armor Scout Armor
Berserker Berserk Rage (Armor Set) Assassin Darkstrike (Armor Set)
Bruiser Marring (Armor Set) Brigand Overcloud (Armor Set)
Guardian Rampart (Armor Set) Dirge Bombast (Armor Set)
Monk Symmetry (Armor Set) Ranger Gamut (Armor Set)
Paladin Angelic Soul (Armor Set) Swashbuckler Vortex (Armor Set)
Shadowknight Somber Champion (Armor Set) Troubador Acute Pitch (Armor Set)
Beastlord Natural (Armor Set)

Mage Armor Priest Armor
Coercer Zenith (Armor Set) Defiler Caustic Gore (Armor Set)
Conjuror Runed Silk (Armor Set) Fury Frenzied View (Armor Set)
Illusionist Illumination (Armor Set) Inquisitor Reprimand (Armor Set)
Necromancer Systematic Blight (Armor Set) Mystic Unseen Magics (Armor Set)
Warlock Jarring Impact (Armor Set) Templar Requisition (Armor Set)
Wizard Concussive (Armor Set) Warden Thicket (Armor Set)
Channeler Channeled Magics (Armor Set)

Final quest rewards a mount:

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