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The claim command (/claim) in-game lets you receive various rewards, prizes and gifts "awarded" either to your account (in which case possibly more than one character can receive it), or to a character in your account. Alternately, you can click on the EQ2 (button) menu and select "Claim Rewards".

What is available to you can vary from person to person. Some items are based on duration of account life (see Veteran Rewards) and others are triggered when you buy an Expansion or an Adventure Pack.

Some items are based on which version of the retail product you bought (regular vs deluxe/collector), such as the KoS baby dragons.

Other items are (were?) based on if you had a Everquest 1 account on your Station account when you started playing (a number of these were recently re-offered as 3 year Veteran Rewards).

PreOrder Items[]

Everquest 1 Account Items[]

Adventure Packs and Expansions[]

Veteran Rewards[]

These rewards are given out based on your account age. Each expansion adds 90 days to your age count. You can view your account age in the Details tab of the Persona window.