Top: the exterior of the 2 huge buildings and waterway. Bottom: the internal area of both huge buildings.

Housing Type: Prestige Housing
Obtained: Granted only with purchase of the Collectors or Premium Edition versions the Kunark Ascending expansion. This is a /claim item.
Available Locations:
Quantity Limit: one per character
House Style/Theme: huge, Kunark Ascending-themed
Mount Use Within: flying and ground mounts

General Prestige Home InfoEdit

Like all Prestige homes:

  • You must get a deed first and then travel to the location and "buy" it for zero coin.
  • It has no recurring upkeep ("rent") of any kind.
  • You can get a portal to place in other homes or (if you have access) your guild hall. Portals allow for quick travel between locations.
  • You can travel to it quickly if you already own it; press C to open the character sheet, click the Housing tab, locate the house on the list and click the Enter button

About This HouseEdit


The water in the house can be drained to provide more building space. (Click to Enlarge)

City of Mist Waterfront Estate is a very large house based off of the zones added with the Kunark Ascending expansion.

The space includes two huge buildings with completely open floor plans, a platform near both buildings and another platform that sits on the outer range of the space, connected by walkways.

All of it sits above a waterway and the house area (including the internal waterway) has the look of sitting in a in infinitive water.

The waterway within the inner limits if this prestige house are vast, but can be drained; this is done by clicking the box at ( 149, -5, -867 ) /waypoint 149, -5, -867. Only the owner of the house can change the waterway settings; trustees, friends, and visitors can not change this setting. This lock to the owner is useful for anyone who plans to publish their home on the Housing & Leaderboards, with the expectation that strangers may tour the home too.

Break OutEdit

Using a bag of teleportation pads, you can break out of the normal limits of this home.

Though this house doesn't have a traditional in/outside boundary, a few locations have been noted to break out of the common limits of this house.

See the Housing Breakout Guide for details.

Building BlocksEdit

Those who purchased the top premium can also /claim the recipe book City of Mist Home Builders Kit. The book has building blocks (and tiles, etc.) that match the style of this home.

Cost and Item CountEdit

Game expansion purchases are available for a limited time. Item limits have been increased in the past and can change at any time.
  • In order to /claim the deed and own this house, a purchase of the Kunark Ascending expansion was required at the Collectors or Premium Edition levels. After claiming the deed, locate it in your bag, then travel to one of the two locations to "buy" it at no cost.
  • 900 items and 900 building blocks
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