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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced LU60
Level Range 90
Zone in from The Fortress of Drunder
Parent Zone None
Difficulty Raid x2
Persistence 2 days 20 hours - 7 days
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
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Zone name is Citadel of V'uul


High Shinu-Zonn Cerulea and High Shinu-Zonn Magentia[]

One make the tank teleported away, other makes you untarget. Always get them separated unless they will aoe the raid and make it wipe

Prime Tentu-Zonn Clodae and Prime Tentu-Zonn Ferti[]

Both bosses come at the same time and a single tank can take both. Periodically someone will be cursed, this must NOT be cured. If the curse is cured the raid will wipe, instead the person must go stand alone, away from the raid, and wait for it to tick off. If you do this the curse will have no effect. Once one of the two names are down the curses can be ignored. Otherwise a straight turn-and-burn.


Nasty crushing AOE that does lots of damage, drain manas while there is adds, curses and debuff critic, some fear... Might reset aggro sometimes during the fight... just tank him where he is and spank all both adds that comes in the fight then the bubbles then back to the named

Guardian of V'uul[]

Each time someone dies, a hard-hitting add spawns and this can be the start of a nasty chain reaction :) Does some curse and power drain, and swap aggro

Arch Confessor Aytali[]

Named with Sloth and Wrath, not much tough himself. Just tank those 3 mobs and manage with an OT and dps group the adds that start to pop 2 by 2 in the room. Tip : each kill of an add may pop a totem that allow you -if you are close to it- to one-shot the next add One named's curse goes to a charm if uncured, second is a major debuff for the tank and third don't really need to be cured/bothered with... Mana drain upon the raid also.

Queen Vorticia V'uul[]