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Chelsith: The Ancient Vault (Advanced Solo)

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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Chains of Eternity
Level Range 95
Zone in from Jarsath Wastes
Parent Zone None
Difficulty Solo
Persistence 1 hour 30 min - 3 days
NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

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Teleport to the zone entrance by speaking to Brind on the Danak Shipyards dock ( -312, -46, 1402 ) /waypoint -312.17, -46.26, 1401.62.
For getting here quicker as the zone is quite far from the docks, speak to Brind on the Danak Shipyard docks (he's near the travel globe) or Clessi Hergravis on the Far Seas ship in Jarsath Wastes.


  1. Clear the captors by the malfunctioning portal and talk to the Erudite.
  2. Continue in the zone and take the right fork when the path splits.
  3. Named: Murmaz the Believer (96^^). Get away from him (or try to interrupt) his casting of *Roiling Seas--it hits for 16k-17k damage. He'll drop a corrosive solvent which is needed to unlock the next named. He also updates the quest Shades of Drinal: Puzzle Pieces.
  4. Go back and take the left fork. Clear the Ruined Necropolis area and click on the coffin at 431, -24, -148.
  5. Named: Overseer Kisiz. Tank and spank, spawns several pallid assayers during the fight that could overwhelm you with no healing. The assayers did not despawn when he died. Killing him will give Overseer Kisiz's Pickaxe.
  6. Work your way south through the flooded mines. Click on the crystal at 193, -45, 358. This will cause Taskmaster Gurunak, Taskmaster Xatik and Taskmistress Hegal (all 96^) to spawn and attack. Kill them for an unrefined crystal.
  7. Leave the mines and head northwest to 696, -36, -16. Take the portal.
  8. Work your way through the Crystal Refinery and follow the path to the next platform.
  9. Click on one of the crystal bins to polish the crystal (one is at 583, -126, -188).
  10. Two waves of an enraged water spirit will spawn. Kill them and receive a shaped crystal.
  11. Click on the bin at 629, -130, -189 to spawn two more waves of an enraged water spirit. Kill them.
  12. Kill the Guardian of the Deep that spawns to receive a polished crystal.
  13. Click on the statue at 744, -143, -379 to open the doors to the vault.
  14. Quest: Shades of Drinal: Puzzle Pieces - step onto the blue sparkles in front of the door at 746, -136, -523.
  15. Clear the room and place the crystal in the device at 744, -100, -1027.
  16. Proceed to 750, -143, -377 and kill Spirit of the Deep. Three times during the fight he will become invulnerable and spawn a set of three a sorcerous Yha-lei servant. When he does this he will head to one of the three small pillars around his spawning area and heal to full health. *This is nothing to be alarmed about, it is part of his script.

Note: For the update in the Drinal quest line you only have to kill the first named and then locate the other item at the end of the zone. ( 746, -136, -523 ) /waypoint 746, -136, -523

The information below has been verified with in-game data and the information on this page is correct, even if it looks stupid or makes no sense.
Fact: This zone's name is Chelsith: The Ancient Vault [Advanced Solo]

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