Charles Q Tinkersmith

Charles Q Tinkersmith

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Quest
Race Gnemlin
Zone Maldura (Terrors of Thalumbra)
Location In the Warsmith's Lifeblood, below the Forge of Brell (look for the lift). ( 38, -8, -179 ) /waypoint 38.31, -7.74, -178.87 Eq2map


Charles Q seems to be named this way as a joke from developpers : in the golden age of the James Bond film saga, Q character is always providing licenced to kill 007 agent with all kind of bizarre and more or less efficient/secret weapons ...

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Other InfoEdit

Maldura is a winding maze, but the info below will help you locate him and remember where to find the faction merchants of interest to those who are working on the Terrors of Thalumbra Crafting Timeline.

This NPC is in an area that has two ways to enter:

  • By using an archway in the Mushroom Bar and Grill at ( -16, -10, -40 ) /waypoint -15.91, -10.35, -39.97
  • By taking an lift (elevator) down to the Warsmith's Lifeblood at ( 32, 34, -162 ) /waypoint 32.01, 33.70, -161.78. You must click a mechanism to use the lift.

Charles is located in Warsmith's Lifeblood, which is directly below the NPCs:

  • Gwynvyn who will give crafters daily tradeskill missions when you have adequate positive faction
  • The merchant, Thalnor, who sells the faction recipe books when you have adequate positive faction.
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