Chaos Descending Timeline
Recommended Levels 110 to 110
Introduced: Chaos Descending
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Myrist, the Great Library
Preceded by: Planes of Prophecy Timeline


  • Characters must be at least a level 110 Adventurer to start these quests.
  • Note: If you don't yet have them, this quest line rewards you with class specific epic 2.0 spells, and unlocks them at the merchant Alhuurn Khalen.
  • Note: You need to read two letters automatically placed in your Mailbox and accept the gifts, do the quest, to gain entrance to the Library.
  • Tips: Mounts are trainable now. Spells can now be upgraded to Ancient in your Book of Knowledge.

Ascension xpEdit

The quests reward you "directly" with ascension xp.


Myrist, the Great Library is the quest hub of the expansion, it leads to the four other zones and to the instances. Note there is no Water Overland zone, only instances

To travel to the Myrist, the Great Library, players can use an Ulteran Spire in another zone (e.g. Enchanted Lands) or a Small Ulteran Spire or Wizard Portal Hireling amenities in a guild hall. Myrist, the Great Library will appear at the bottom of the map just left of center.


Free GearEdit

Near the zone in to Myrist, the Great Library beside Virlana Levora's desk ( 58, -20, -32 ) /waypoint 58, -20, -32 is Tishan's Lockbox. It contains free gear for level 110 adventure characters based on

Elements of Destruction Signature QuestsEdit

  1. Elements of Destruction: Pursuit of Justice
  2. Elements of Destruction: Visitation Day
  3. Elements of Destruction: Starpyre's Flames
  4. Elements of Destruction: Pure Adventure
  5. Elements of Destruction: Planes of Disorder
  6. Elements of Destruction: Shadow Casting in the Dark
  7. Elements of Destruction: Face the Chaos

Myrist, the Great Library QuestsEdit

Virlana Levora

  1. [110] Desk Job
  2. [110] Know the Codex

The Maladjusted Codex

  1. [110] Out of the Frying Pan...
  2. [110] What Stings and Burns
  3. [110] Dark Power Desires

Librarian Aemeli

  1. [110] Desired Knowledge
  2. [110] Isolation Explained
  3. [110] Honoring the Lost

Assistant Tussle

  1. [110] Paging for Help
  2. [110] A Vekerchiki's Magic Bag

Librarian Rashasha

  1. [110] Judging By the Cover
  2. [110] Fun Cubed

Librarian Szeth

  1. [110] Pathosis Less Traveled

Cataloguing QuestsEdit

Books in Myrist, the Great Library that offer cataloguing quests.

Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind QuestsEdit


  1. [110] The Air Necessities


  1. [110] Between a Flock and a Hard Place
  2. [110] All the Flight Moves


Dropped QuestsEdit

Obtained by examining items dropped in Doomfire, the Burning Lands

Doomfire, the Burning Lands QuestsEdit


Dropped QuestsEdit

These quests come from examining items dropped in Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind

Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands QuestsEdit

Assistant Tussle

  1. [110] Mind of My Stone
  2. [110] Fight the Wood Fight


Dropped QuestsEdit

These quests come from examining items dropped in Detroxxulous, the Plaguelands

Detroxxulous, the Plaguelands QuestsEdit


  1. [110] The Filth Element
  2. [110] It's Not Easy Being Gangrene


Dropped QuestsEdit

These quests come from examining items dropped in Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands

Lore and Legends QuestsEdit

Books are in Myrist, the Great Library: [Do we actually know that there are starter books? Or are these started simply by examining the dropped body parts?]